What annoys you?


You’ve changed, man.


Hey, it counts towards my quota of doing family stuff. Sit on the couch while secretly on here, watching to see when they are going to drag out Bert and Matthew Newton, Daryl Sommers and some other douche nozzle


Christmas Eve mass in Hoi An included fireworks. Might be more than 50% professing religion if they did that in Australia.


(Choir was good, sermon is sleep-inducing in any language. Gimme some Latin.)


l love Hoi An.


This stupid ■■■■■■■ holiday.


Drivers who drive in Melbourne at night without turning on their headlights. And I don’t mean just when its dusk, but mainly when the sun has well and truly set.

These dic k-heads must work on the principle that they can see others, but never consider that their car is a near unseen danger.

Or perhaps these drivers think they are saving a few rupees or kwai by not using the car battery to power their lights?


You want to see some of the worst drivers, calder fwy all the way to melton. some true specials.


Looked for some cheap Jeep clothing… No jeep stores anywhere. Looked online and now everything is twice the cost of what it was in store… use to get $20 polos and $70 jeans. Now its all triple the cost of polos and $100 jeans.





He bought a Jeep?


It was comfortable and cheap


Bit of a spiel here ladies and gents, but here goes:

My wife was (and still is) keen on one of the new Samsung Gear s3’s (I personally dont see much in them but anyway) and I had been on the phone trying to track one down which in my head I knew I would have a better chance of finding t!ts on a bull as they were that hard to get at this time of year after the Boxing Day sales. Anyhow I rang around at all the JB’s, Officeworks, Harvey Normans, Samsung and every other place that stocked technology devices and JB at Chadstone said they had one (the Frontier version). I was shocked and said "Great put it aside and we will come pick it up.

I also thought I wouldn’t put my egg in the 1 basket and tried my luck at a small town near me. They had 3 of the buggers left. I said “Can you put 1 aside and I will see if my wife can pick it up sometime today”.

My wife didn’t want to go for the 55 min trip each way and wanted to risk going to Chaddy tonight, even after mentioning she could do the trip and be back by 5pm (I even offered to go just to get out of the house). She knew better and went to Chaddy only to find that the bloke I spoke to was wrong and the stock that they said they did have (one) was the display model only.

Annoys me as now I have to go on a ■■■■■■ treck tomorrow even after telling her she could have had this wrapped up tonight. Also ■■■■■■ off as all the department stores that did say they had one in stock but were either:

  • Stocking errors (said Frontier, when it was actually Classics)
  • Faulty items that were returned or just not bothered to be taking off their inventory
  • Glitches (e.g call my local JB, they say Fountain Gate had 4 of them, call Fountain Gate and sit on 1hr hold but they dont).


That can be a pain , Silly Billy.
The way we work with our inventory is that all stock is accounted for and on our system ,be it display or floor stock. If something is broken and has to be returned to the supplier or written off internally ,we still have it counted as being stock on hand until it is replaced , credited or taken off the books.
Still ,the bloke could have sold you the display stock and at a discounted price . I would have ,but i don`t sell watches !!!


Almost a year ago today I was camping in Victorian High country, tent leaked, flooded, had to bail to a relatives house who lived nearby.

This time, tent leaked, flooding, but after a crap load of beer have managed to McGyver a few tarps and stuff to keep most of the water out of the living space.

Will just lay her for another hour or so until the rain eases and I can survey the damage.



That;s shitt luck tinny.

You’ll be right next year then eh? 3rd time lucky and all that… :wink:


I reckon you’re better off saying no than doing something under sufferance and being ■■■■■■ off


Ah well, at least you’re keeping busy!


Beer is known to help improve problem solving skills/work rate for chores.

It reguarly helps me when assembling kids toys which seem to require more construction work than a house and get more complicated every year.

Speaking of which I have a crap load of toys from this year to put together…grrrrrr…time for a morning beer.

Oh and if you are one of those people who get joy from buying these gifts, then fark you, you sadistic farkers. Pay someone to put it together or do it yourself before bringing joy to a little kids day.


Keep a list.
When they have kids, buy them little toy drums, trumpets, and dolls that talk.