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Yes. SBS2


What do they look like (marker) he said the shoulders are wearing more than the middle.

Quoted $755 for 4 brand new Dunlops (including fitted and aligned)


They often will on the front due to the mandatory (but unnecessary) toe in they apply in alignments. But if you’ve had them rotated at regular intervals that shouldn’t happen this soon, … and if you haven’t, the rears will still likely be just fine.


Also, an over-pressured tire will wear more in the middle.


The difference between a car tyre and 365 condoms is that one is a Goodyear and the other is a BL00DY good year.


I spoke to a bloke in Lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnceston recently. He was trying to find an item that was sent to the wrong location by FASTWAY COURIERS. If you want your parcel to go anywhere but to its intended destination, use Fastway.


This is what you missed last night.


In the tyre grooves there are little raised cross lines, if you look at the close up in the link HAP posted you can see them or you can feel them with your fingers

As others have said, uneven wear & general tyre damage can happen, but if they are being rotated/correct pressure maintained it shouldn’t get out of control.

Still reckon you can do better on price, if it comes to that. There are so many tyre types out there, and brand, style, size will change the pricing. I found this pretty easily. If you rang around to a couple of the big tyre dealers you could check if there are other specials (alignment might be a bit extra) or choose a different brand.



This is the email they sent me

Hi Ellie

With customer viewing habits continuing to evolve and more people watching on demand, we’ve made the decision to keep a step ahead by replacing the World Movies channel with a dedicated on demand library. The change also streamlines our on demand offer by putting a curated collection of the best in world cinema within easy reach for international film fans.

What happens next?

From 1 February 2018 World Movies will move to On Demand^, replacing the World Movies channel which will no longer be available on Foxtel and will be removed from all Movies packs on this date.

World Movies on Foxtel On Demand brings nearly 100 titles from the World Movies library available to stream or download, when you want, all as part of your subscription, and joins the highly acclaimed Walter Presents, known for delivering some of the world’s best foreign language dramas.

For those of you still looking for a live experience, be sure to tune in to Foxtel Movies Masterpiece on Wednesdays, starting 3 January, for our World Movies screenings hosted by Margaret Pomeranz with films from acclaimed directors, such as Pedro Almodovar, Werner Rainer Fassbender, Xavier Dolan, Wong Kar Wai, Seijun Suzuki, Werner Herzog and others.

For more information, visit Foxtel.com.au/channelchanges.

The Foxtel Team


Ta…they can stick the Asian rubbish where the sun don’t shine. And by that, I mean all Asian movies.

Unfortunately, I have pretty well all the Almodóvar movies on disk (and Julieta on the IQ3). If they stick to Western European (languages), I’m happy


Oh boy do they.

We took our car for it’s first service at Land Rover ( we have a Discovery Sport). We have 3 years free servicing which is pretty sweet. I got a phone call saying the wiper blades needed replacing. Yeah okay, how much I ask.

That’ll be $192 including fitting!!! Yeah no thanks, I’ll do them myself.


Jeebus. That’s crazy!!

Worst I’ve had was $60, but usually it’s around the $30 mark. Fark off…


Sitting here on a Friday at my desk, bawling as I write my ‘father-of-the-groom’ speech…


Awwww, when is your son’s wedding?


Tomorrow gulp


Wishing him a happy life with his soon to be wife!


Our Brivis AirCon stopped working in mid November. Had to book a service job online with Brivis (now owned by Rinnai) as would never get through on the phone. Finally after a week got a an email, and a serviceman booked to arrive . He came and said that the unit needed regassing. but he couldn’t do that so they would send another guy. This visit cost over $300 and he was there less than an hour, but I paid as I wanted it fixed

Got a quote for regassing at $985, which I had to accept; 4 week wait and next engineer arrives and I was there to supervise. He told me that it needed regassing !! He said he needed to find the leaks; and he found that someone had left a number of valves closed to finger-tight so it had to leak !

He regassing it, and did all valves up tight so there were no leaks. Turned it on, and the same fault was there ! This had taken about 1 hour.

He then spent five minutes checking the system programming, to tell me that the controller had “lost” the program and needed a reset which he did. All worked fine.

Here is the dilemma; I have repairs totalling over $1300 for work that may not have needed to be done. The first engineer let the valves open and the gas escaped. Like it is a real scam.


Hard to imagine it is gross incompetence.


Tell him that it’s not too late to pull out