What annoys you?


Byrlcreem, bought it because it was the only hair styling stuff in the ■■■■■■ little woolworths in the CBD, put it on in the office, its like ive poured olive oil on my head. RIP. Looks horrendous.

Does smell nice though.


Customers at supermarket checkouts who stand there like stunned mullets and wait for the cashier to announce the total before starting the laborious process of searching through their bag/purse for the appropriate card/s.


Using a hemp oil for my beard.
It’s alright. Not married to it.
Anyone have any recommendations?


Dan Murphy’s next to DFO - or the one in Mt Alexander would have had what you needed .


I’ve recently grown a pretty kicka*se beard, and have been using coconut oil.
Smells good, conditions the hairs and face, and leaves a slight ‘wet look’, which I like.
Sometimes I put a drop in of lemon oil as well.


‘eat my face’


Wait you need to oil a beard, I’m growing one at the moment and didn’t realise it needed maintenance, I just thought it grew and looked awesome


That’s what I do.


Depends on your hair type.
Those old martial arts masters never look like their beard needs softening.


My dad got 6 words into mine and started crying. Wimp!

Good luck to him when he has to say a speech in 6 weeks at my sister’s wedding


Wife went and bought a Cars toy Garage from Big W for my oldest son’s birthday. Biggest waste of money. Half the holes were not aligned and drilled properly. The screws were not sorted so you had NFI which ones were used on which part. The ramps didnt drill in because the holes were 2cm out so when you tried to screw it in, the ramp just didnt go down (making it dangerous)

Now wife is ■■■■■■ at me because parts are not going together meaning she has to turf it. She wonders why I hate flatpack toy sets.


Take it back.


SB in 2 years: marriage counselling sucks.


SB in 3 years: Divorce is expensive


But it is worth it


SB in 40 years:


Hemps for smoking, and shave that dirty assed beard.




When this thread isn’t placed next to another that answers the question.

e.g. right now, the answer is “Bitcoin”.


SBS on demand dropping out all the time. Does anyone else have the same problem, or is it my set up? Doesn’t do it for ABC iview. And why the ■■■■ to we have to have an account to access it? Gives me the ■■■■■.