What annoys you?





It wasn’t a reply to you post Furious.

I just find that image strangely annoying, see it around the city occasionally.


Fun fact the OS version of that guy is even more ■■■■■, he has a pipe. Airbrushed out to comply with Aus tobacco advertising regulations.


That’s ok then.

Just as well, he looks nothing like my wife. Or me.

He looks more like the type of guy that would inject cleaning products into small animals just to see what would happen. Actually, he looks just like the type of person that would scrape your car whilst reversing out of a parking spot and then fark off without leaving his details.


Him being all Euro in his pristine 1984 BMW 733i.


Got to get yourself to Super Amart.


He looks like Steve Jobs but somehow even more annoying looking.


0MG i’ve only ever seen this guy on billboards at the airport. creeps me the heck out.


The updated version of google chrome on iPhone. The controls are at the bottom of the screen but most websites(like this one) have controls at the top. It’s messy and annoying.


Spending half an hour in the yard with plastic bags picking up ‘dog logs’


Drivers who stop for a red light a few metres short of the intersection, then inch forward until the light changes to green. WTF is that all about?


Really hate people that do this. They don’t whack their farkin trollies into their own cars though, do they?
The other day, I came back to my car and found a nice white-rimmed dent in the door. I carefully measured it to the height of the rear door of the white shiny new 4wd parked next to mine, calculated that the bang would have been loud enough for the driver to hear, and then left a nice big kick in the driver door, to help the owner remember to own up when you fark someone’s car up in the parking lot.


Rolling start.



“Mr Bond…”


Who is this clown? Looks like a cult leader.


Would you buy a bed from that bloke?


I believe they’re Chinese.


The calliphoridae