What annoys you?


Actually the AFL website still urging people to use the Finals predictor leading into this weekend is annoying.

They need to change it to the TOP 8 predictor so that they remember its useful until the end of round 23.


Yeah - I first saw that poster in Chinese airports. It was even weirder in that context.


Everything these days that need a login or won’t work for some innocuous reason.

At the moment it’s my printer. Every day I get a pop up in my computer saying the ink is low ffs.

Today, go to make a photo copy and it WILL NOT print anything because one of the colours is empty. I don’t even need A colour print, just Farming ridiculous.


Same here. I want to fight him.


3 mins each side and serve. depending on the thickness.


Make your printing default ‘greyscale’.


2/4/8… rare/med/well… 1/2 beef.


Gotta disagree.

Cook to temp/touch, not to time.

Turn every 30secomds.

But if you buy crap meat, doesn’t matter how good a cook you are, it’ll be rubbish.


Well, I agree with that… But it’s a decent guide.


just buy a quick read thermometer.


Assistance packages to bottom teams. Why should the afl help clubs that are poorly run, administrated, poor coaching or players.



I think you at least have to start somewhere with steak, and keep some things consistent.

Same bbq, same meat, same prep, same cooking technique…I guess if you can iron out the variables, and get your technique down, maybe you could get a bit of life put of a rubbiah steak.

While we are on steak…has anyone tried those DIY dry aged bags? It’s like a vacuum pack that allows moisture out, but not in, leave in the fridge a month.


So they can make demands and take proxy control.


So it’s even more hilarious when they fail miserably


Or, in fark Carlton’s case, get great discounts on the ripper tucker in Lygon St.


People who ‘borrow’ then don’t return things you’ve lent them to help them out. Gives me the Edgar Britts.


Having to spend $1300 on 4 new tyres this close to Xmas is ■■■■■■■ me off!


Wait ‘til they tell you, ‘Ya neva dun nuffin’ for me, ya don’t give a ■■■■.’
That’s awesome.


It’s not close to Christmas.


It’s 90 days til Christmas.