What annoys you?


Let’s just say the domestic partner is not thrilled with my strategy.


I used to do this too. Pain in the ■■■■ having to clean the microwave most times.

Now I use a piece of paper towel on top of the plate/ bowl.

Paper towel goes in the bin and I can enjoy what I’ve heated without thinking s h I t I have to clean the microwave again.


You’ll also never get invited to Christmas again


Try …boiling…an egg in it :wink:


Funny story there.

GF’s smartarse younger bro,… couldn’t tell him anything, . sticks an Egg in the MW, and I’m sayin’ Mate, that’ll explode on ya, … “No it won’t, it’ll be right” … “I’m tellin ya dude, I just saw this on something the other month”, … “I know what I’m doin’”

So ,… bell dings, it hasn’t gone off, … looks at me with a big shitt eating Grin, …“Seee I told you It’d be right”, … as he removes the plate with Egg on and proceeds to the bench, … "I fkn told y … BOOM!!!

All over his face and the Kitchen, screaming his head off, … .Fark I laughed.

Took a while to recover from pissinn myself, before we could run him down to he clinic to treat his second degree facial burns.

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving little prick. He was way less of a smartarse after that.


Bit of water in the bottom, 3-4 minutes on high



Or soft/hard boiled in the shell?


Where did you get that ?. I like it, I want one. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a photo of this, somewhere :wink:


Why does that chicken have a much larger left foot???


What foot? I don’t see no foot


Yah that’s me too… Cept every time I shop.


Can’t remember, had it for years, but it might have been kmart.
Egg in shell sits in a perforated aluminum cup inside with about 20ml water underneath. They’re great


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:, will try KMart and EBay.


That’s dangerous. Now they will not recognise the danger when an old man breaks into your house to paedo them. :expressionless:


Luckily my daughter is tiny and unassuming but also really really mean. Dad! Did you drink Santa’s fuck1n’ beer?




all part of the plan


Thanks @Deckham :slightly_smiling_face:


i bought one online that does eggs as well. more scramble eggs though or omelety thing. being in the older bracket i get this brochure from Aids in living