What annoys you?


Thanks @littlejoe1 :slightly_smiling_face: will check it out.


Photo was taken out at Tulla and the grass is playing tricks again…


clicking a thumbnail to expand an image, only to have the “expanded” image be the same size as the thumbnail.


An ex Ms Glasses used to say the same thing about me. Strange.


Kholi annoys me. He can be a massive big head sometimes.


Seriously annoyed today.

Went to local pharmacy to put in a script for stuff I have to take. It has just changed from a Nova Pharmacy to a UFS Pharmacy. Price went up from $11.99 to $18.60 even with my 20% UFS Members discount. I asked why, and they got me the “Manager” who is the Pharmacist. He proceeded to tell me that UFS are small and have no big buying power like Nova. I took my script and left an dwill drive to Chemist Warehouse in Melton later today.

My big annoyance is that all presciption pharmaceuticals have gone up by about 50% in Bacchus Marsh because of this. I can wear the $6 per month, but many will not be able to.

I want a Royal Commission into this !!!


If it helps you feel better I’m pretty sure UFS pharmacys are non profit.


Hmm, I bet their Directors all drive very flash cars.

Actually megz, I am very cynical about so-calleds “not-for-profit” organisations. I know a few in the welfare area, where executive salaries are mega high, and they get large tax perks.


Tell me 'bout it.


Eh. I’m starting to think NFP is the worst of both worlds.


You’re self-employed and work alone from home don’t you?!


Perth Airport parking prices. $14 for half an hour! And the flight I’m meeting is delayed ffs…


Not self employed, but yes to the rest.

There is a sexual harassment policy I need to abide by. Always references two or more parties though so I should be right.


Just took my boys to Maccas for a “treat” (they see it as a treat) but the order was wrong when I got it.
I go to Maccas maybe 6-8 times a year and I reckon the order is wrong nearly every time.
Seriously, how hard is it?


When most of your front of house staff is 8 and under, errors are bound to occur.


I can accept mistakes. God knows I make enough of them but the consistency of getting the basics wrong annoys the hell out of me.
Probably doesn’t help that a trolley boy had just given me a gobfull when I politely asked him to move his trolleys so I could get out of my park. Apparently his ph was more important and in the spirit of Christmas I chose to bottle up my anger and not headbutt the little prick in front of my boys.


I really try my hardest to not judge parents for the way they raise their children. Everyone has their own different beliefs and priorities. Plus let’s face it, we are winging it at the best of times.

But I’m really struggling with this. I’d be interested to see in the long term if your kids are thankful for you protecting them from the evil red suited voyeur or resent you for depriving them of one of the major joys of our childhood.


People without ambulance cover.
A big bill is not something you want to be trying to sort out when you’re dealing with very, very real ■■■■.

All of you reading this, just do it.


Heh - I’m covered in my insurance, but I still pay the monthly fee they send me - cause I’m a nice guy :slight_smile:


Our insurance covers us for 1 emergency journey per year so it’s easier just to be AV members too.