What annoys you?


Just give yourself ‘staff discount’ at the self checkout.


TBH, I was amazed there wasn’t a nation wide strike by S Market workers when they were introducing the things.

Have to assume they couldn’t due to EBA’s, … Union ban or something.


Click bait headlines - and the fact that I fall for them time and time again, especially afl and cricket ones.


Those farking “RSPCA Approved” ads!

So I am eating pork and ham this Christmas that were loved and well cared for, fish that was always treated humanely and very happy chooks.

Well then we killed them so I can eat them.

Sublime way of turning me Vegan !


Just because your piggy got a blanket doesn’t mean the majority of them do.

its not that hard to get.

*not even a vegan, just capable of getting the point.


Animals that have been treated better taste better.


I find there are just as much staff on, just more open registers.


Tell me about it.
I researched though, and found a great way around it:



And if you’re not good at your job, you get promoted into senior leadership right? So that you can sit in meetings all day, and provide ‘direction’ and ‘support’ whilst spurting out invective, and corporate rhetoric around the things that don’t matter, until its close to engagement survey time and then there is a deep sense of curiosity, care, and collaboration, with a strong commitment to openness and transparency.


The ‘contrition’, ‘remorse’ and ‘humility’ displayed by senior Banking executives who are still paid bonuses despite stealing from dead people. The only way to change risk culture (which seems to mentioned time and time again is to start jailing some of these bastards).


This is petty. But very annoyed at the lady who sat next to me in flight back from Brisbane, with a handbag, full size carry-on bag, and 2 large gift bags, and then gets stroppy when i ask he not to dump it all at my feet. sheesh. Hoping the crackdown on carry-on has started.

I might have been having a bad day though…


Haha touché


I remember flying Virgin from San Francisco to New York where they charged $25 per item of checked baggage. A family sat in our row that clearly hadn’t checked anything in, and they were carrying masses of carry-on.

What do airlines expect when they charge like that? Alternatively, the support staff could have been a fraction sterner when admitting carry-on.


Neighbours that always host things and expect you to go over.

no thanks i’m not a fan.


Where is that bottle…


The lady was a he…that’s a bad bottle!


New device that stun attacker. Cost less than nothing and are pure enjoyment for the defender…Swift kick in the balls!
Use it wisely :wink::joy:


Aussies? So it’s BYO everything? The good old Claytons invitation.


Excuse me dear can you show me where I put the cheque


Qantas ‘chicken curry’ that was a little bit of fine ground mince (possibly) swimming in salty oily soup of something. Ingredients listed on the box: ‘pork, eggplant…’. No chicken. Wondered if there were any Muslims on board.