What annoys you?


With you there. Any aircraft food which basically has been warmed for hours will never beat fresh food. Hah a chicken curry with no chicken… figures.


Plane food is never great, as everyone knows, but I’ve never refused to eat it until yesterday


^ In this context, what annoys me is that every month the Qantas inflight magazine has a story where Neil Perry is flown first class to one of the world’s finest restaurants to write some puff piece about what great sensibility he has.

I reckon it would be much more interesting if he had to fly for a month in sardine class, and wrote reviews about eating the crap that he “designs” for the plebs.


Man with ponytail turns out to be a wanker. Well, this is a twist.


You’re bald aren’t you?


That’s alright mate - I’m sure he wasn’t including you in that group. :joy:


Ever been to Spice Temple? Expensive Chinese but boy oh boy wowwee it’s good!


Haven’t been there… “Spice Temple” sounds like what Shirley would have been called if she joined the Spice Girls. Special Christmas time Dad joke there.

But have had special banquets in several cities in China, where each has its own distinctive cuisine. All exquisite.


Luxuriant mop.


News reporters massive, repetitive, overuse of the word “now” to start their sentences.


getting rostered on for the last Friday night of the year and nobody shows up.


Clowns driving way under the speed limit.

Leaving Port Fairy this morning by the golf course road, it’s 50kmh, then 80kmh then 100kmh.

Clown at the front of the procession is doing 30-35 in the 50, and I thought, oh well, it’s built up and 50, then we go to 80 and he doesn’t increase his speed, and buggered if i’m waiting for the limit to go to 100.

Probably of the same persuasion as so many others who make driving down the coast a little problematic, but everyone was overtaking too quickly to check.


People who decide to put their blinker on when already halfway into a roundabout. :rage:

This has happened so many times in the last 6 months, am beginning to think they have changed a road law without me hearing/knowing about it.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Don’t worry, Miss Ellie.
What goes around, comes around :slight_smile:

Alternate ending:
Don’t worry, Miss Ellie.
You’ll win on the swings.


If I’m in the van I just drove straight through and make them wait. Then they have a stunned look on their face.

If people were more courteous on the roads then there probably wouldn’t be so many road rage incidents. Why don’t people wave thank you when you let them in? Or why do people, in a tight street, when you let one car through see the need to speed up and hope you let them through as well even though they were 50m away?




Because they’re people, … and people are carnts.



It’s so different in a lot of European countries - particularly the Mediterranean ones. People whiz in and out everywhere, out of side streets into mains, triple-park, go through one-way streets, motorbikes have no lane, etc - and I haven’t seen any road rage or horn-beeping. It’s the ‘way’. Here people speed up if you want to merge, out of spite. They’ll blare the horn at you if you screw up. Generally, people here are fucktards who are obsessed with one-upmanship and who will get to the next set of lights a second before the other.


Absolutely spot on. In Europe I found that it is expected that you let someone in and in return they won’t sit in front of you doing 20km/h under.

Driving on the freeways in Italy, everyone there kept to the right (slow lane) and the left was solely for overtaking or for those who want to do 150 clicks. At no stage did I see someone sitting in the left lane doing 90 in a 100 zone.


Could somebody please put Deckham on warning? This is the second time he’s tried to hijack a thread with a terrible pun. :joy: