What annoys you?


Coles advertising they’re selling hot cross buns now because it’s summer and it’s/they’re hot hot hot.


Why is everything sans serif these days?


It’s to cut costs on all those expensive serifs.


Yep, I am annoyed but not sure who I am annoyed at.

Replacing my back deck timber with Moulded fake wood composite, it has this really neat clipping system, so in theory you can nearly lay it all out and clip it down.

Well I am having lots of problems with the screws breaking ! Most of the timber is treated structural pine, and I using a low powered battery drill. I suppose I could pre-drill holes, but it seems to defeat the purpose of the clipping system.

Anyway if anyone has done this before and has any advice, let me know.


Predrill for sure. Consider getting a countersink bit that makes a space for the screws head.


Screws sound cheap mate. Either that, or you’ve got the torque on your driver set too high, and are over forcing them when they pull up.

The pine you refer to is called Rougher header, and while seasoned, is nowhere near what you’d call “Hard”, … and should not have any trouble taking the screws.

Pissweak screws have become more and more prevalent in the “Made in China” era, and are a common bugbear these days. Get onto the supplier if it came as a kit, and ask for stronger screws, or replace them yourself if you bought them.


He’s not drilling the decking Ham, ( You’re right on if screwing ANY timber deck down though, … even soft stuff :+1:) it’s more like a cliplock roofing system, so he’s screwing down metal brackets, … and as I said, … treated Pine is soft as butter in a Timber grade sense, and should take a screw with ease. … that said, you could try just dipping the screw tips in a light clear oil before screwing @Bacchusfox, … that would probably solve your issues. :+1:


Oh I getcha. Should be easy with decent screws.


Thanks Boyz

Happy new year ! And may all your screwing be pleasurable,


Butter/marg works also!


I saw the movie !


Pedestrians who think it would be a great idea to walk through or stand in a car park when you are reverse parking.


Any idiot that does that, should only ever get to do it once, … if you get my drift :smirk:


■■■■■■ with my Fibre internet company and internet provider.

My Internet has been down since Sunday. The Fibre company put this down to something on their end with back log thing dropping out and affecting 70% of the people in my estate.

They fix it but mine still isnt operating. I call my internet provider and they escalate my case. Monday comes around still nothing. No internet or word from either the fibre company or my retail provider. I call both. No word from fibre company. Just automated ‘contact your RSP and leave a detailed message. We will call you back’.

My provider says they have lodged two tickets and escalated them with the fibre company.

No word today and no internet and it’s day 3.

I can’t do any work from home as no internet. Kids driving me mental.

How much compensation/discount on next bill should I be asking as I just signed an 18month contract with my RSP for $70 a month (200gb with download/upload speeds of 50mbs/20mbs)


If that’s for NBN,… I’d use the opportunity to just get out of it myself,… you can do way better than that. For that price and speed, most companies offer Unlimited data, … especially on any bluddy contract, … you’d likely get it on a month to month deal, which virtually all of them offer now…

Just a few examples here, I don;t know your situation, but when I visited the actual NBN site, there were about 200 different providers listed for my area, most of whom never show up on these commissioned comparison sites.


I’m with this mob at the moment, which offer 50/20 Unlim for 10 bucks less with No contract,… but plenty of others offer similar.


We cannot get NBN as our estate is locked into OPENetwork which is an independent Fibre provider as when they started building our estate over 10 years ago Telstra was asked to install the fibre but they said they would do it on the proviso that everyone would be locked into Telstra only.

All the companies we have are no name rip offs. My deal with FUZEnet are the cheapest. I only got that price as I have been with them for 5 years. Would have cost $10 extra which the wife wasnt prepared to pay if I was month to month.

They all say this is mostly due to OPENetworks fees to be an RSP with them.


Yep. Got run out of town by those darn varmits.
Now lawless.


What a way to ruin a good thing. I like Boating Camping Fishing It’s BCFing Fun…and I hate Boating Camping Fishing what the hell is BCFing done?


Just don’t watch…I haven’t since the acumbag team are cheating scum. Can’t wait for a new brood.


I just used the TREX brand composite decking from the US. They provide their own slotted stainless steel screw and plastic fasteners system. Expensive but worked a treat.