What annoys you?


Either of you blokes had the chance to experience the decks when wet?

Wondering how slippery they get.


Having a toothache on New Years Day and no dentists available til tomorrow.

Taken too many pain killers and now feeling sick in the stomach :face_vomiting:

What a way to start the New Year :frowning:


A doctor can at least give you pain relief that will work… a pharmacist also. Toothache is the worst.


Thanks @Darli will see if any doctors working,if not will go to the pharmacy.


Bugger. Hope it gets better.


Had a real bad one in a wisdom tooth recently, and had to wait over the weekend, … found that 4 Coles brand Ibuprofen and 1 50 mg Tramadol every 4 hrs worked perfectly, if that’s any use.


Good luck, i hope you get relief quickly.


Also, a few cloves stuck onto the tooth have some kind of pain relief effect.


I had an old root canal leach into the gum on Christmas Day 2002 causing an infection. And I was heading to the USA on the 27th. Went to the local dentist on Boxing Day (Jewish so working) and he prescribed some antibiotics and recommended Nurofen for the pain. I mentioned that I was severely allergic to aspirin and I thought that meant I couldn’t take any ibuprofen drugs. He poo-pooed that idea.

He was wrong. I was right. Luckily i only took one. After that I had to look for paracetamol analgesics only. Problem is that the seppos call it acetaminophen and no pharmacists knew what i was talking about.

When I got home, the tiny Polish lady dentist told me she’d remove it, and did it without my realising it. Far better than my only dentist to that point, who’d retired a year or two before. He’d have one foot on each shoulder and leave splinters behind.


Thanks everyone

Went to emergency, have an abscess.

On Antibiotics and Tramadol.


Look on the bright side! I’ve heard people say that abscess makes the heart grow fonder.


No…that’s absinthe.

Abscess causes your farts to be noisy like a motor mower …ie abscess makes the fart go Honda.


Good lord. :roll_eyes:


This is Telstra’s “handiwork” down the street from me. And this much took 8 working days.

So cry me a fucken river.


Is that for making trunk calls?


That was treely good.


That’s hilarious.


Made me gaffa.


Certainly branching out with the wiring styles.


Careful on this one! Have had myself and two family members with severe hallucinations on this one. Unless that’s your thing. Good luck with the recovery @miss_ellie