What annoys you?


“Here, anonymous internet entity, please record the location of myself, my phone, and all of my things”

Another one of those ideas that, if someone told you about it 10 years ago, it would sound like the craziest, least secure thing in the world.

But now, cloud and google and apple and amazon and everything’s OK?


Security in numbers, man.


I kinda like the idea of a popular uprising being foiled by Google and Apple because no-one can find their keys.


Middle age, … and it’s notorious associated “spread”, and diminished fitness.

Going to have to adhere to a whole new regime from here on out, … this just will not do at all. … nearly fkn killed myself in the water today.


I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been.
And moved better and recovered quicker from our annual tennis tournament ever this year.
I am confuzzled.


Impressive … Chucked the Darts?? .:thinking:


Being the umpire is less taxing than playing.


But one half of the reigning champion pair did from smelling dim sims for lunch after a rather large night before.
They didn’t make it past the first round this year.


Went down 6-2 in the final, thanks.
And I’d like to point out that my pair is the eldest, by a long way in some cases.

Edit: It was 2-2, but…you know, let’s be realistic.


Are they much older than the rest of your body?


That would be the Scotch.


Possibly by a few seconds.
But my opponents pair were six years younger and eight inches further from the ground.


So I’m assuming you cheated?


I find it’s best to err for the opposite side when it comes to tennis.


Is it just me, or is it a little too soon/tasteless to use Valerie to sell furniture?


Nah, it’s a cover anyway, the original is much better, so bugger her.


Walking away from a coffee shop, realizing that they short changed me by $5. As if Melbourne coffee isn’t already expensive enough.


Someone in the coffee shop is smiling.



This prikk


Microsoft Excel.

And tightarse companies that refuse to spring for proper tools to analyse enormous amounts of data.