What annoys you?


Job application knocked back mate?


If only they’d knocked back this one…


Who the hell starts a thread about spiders? I’m not even going to open it. Fark that.


Abby Gilmore.

(And it’s nothing to do with him playing for us.)


Never being able to do 100 km’s from the airport to the city


Wait, … you want the Airport further away?? :no_mouth:



I would have objected to the apostrophe, but yep.


Meant will never be able to drive on the Tulla Freeway from the airport to the city doing 100 k’s ever again or vice versa
20 years ago we could.


you can overnight. Just not during the day.


A commerical to buy my St George jersey?
NRL is nice but I like AFL and I live in ■■■■■■■ Queensland!


AFLX and pink ball.
Please everyone on our list learn from Joedan and please chuck a sickie in a months time.


The Australian Government offers an 18 year old asylum seeker ( who decided last minute to start tweeting like a madfuck at a Thailanise airport hotel, then baracade herself like a spoilt brat so that she could get her own way) an apartment for 3 months and the opportunity to study/ work with a visa. They act quick in this situation but cant resolve Australia’s own issues 1st.

By the way she got a better deal from Canada and since so many people saw through this pathetic exercise she shut down her tweet account because of public backlash.
WTF…this would have made a great premise to an episode on Neighbours/ H&A but this is actually happening in real life.


Who are you annoyed at?

  1. Millenials?
  2. AU Government for not taking our girl?
  3. Canada for taking our girl?
  4. Darren Bewick?


I wanted to see Dutton send that girl directly to Manus Island…or employ her as an au pair.


All of them…send her to a worse country from where she came from. Then she would probably ask to go home.


People who sell things online and say something like “…working well, just needs a wipe/clean…”

Wipe the ■■■■■■■ THING BEFORE SELLING IT YOU ■■■■■■■■


I’m looking at a subwoofer for the home theatre.

‘You can’t demo it as I don’t want strange people in my house, take it as is’


Strange noises that stop the moment you get up to investigate them.
Although, hmmm, that might be an attitude thing.
I could take the attitude, ‘fixed it!’


Nah, you were right the first time. Getting up is hard enough for necessary reasons. But getting up for nothing? Utter heartbreak.


That’s what she said…