What annoys you?


I use both, but ‘you’re welcome’ does feel very U.S.


I go full Oz and run with “no wuckers”


It is very US, and doesn’t have anywhere near the range of application as ‘no worries’.



On those new Youi ads, is it just me or is the ‘cheaper premium’ still seem outrageously expensive?


Running an ad on Seek.
I understand that confidence is important.
Just don’t keep ■■■■■■■ telling me what a ‘wealth of experience and professionalism’ you’re bringing to my company. I’ll decide that.


Well that’s my application shot.
I’ve got none of the skills you need, but I’m as confident as all fark.


Something annoyed me the other day and I was going to post it in this thread.

Now i’ve Forgotten it - fuckthat’s annoying


Waiting in emergency room.

Full respect for staff though. Some people are just ■■■■■.


Hi, Soulnet, hi!


Unless you’ve had a sex change I don’t see you.


Well if you wanna go to a not as good hospital, that’s your call.


Saved dad’s life twice… :wink: can’t be too bad.


How long do you wait before you ask if it will be much longer? Currently at three hours waiting.

Blitz isn’t posting enough.


It’s a pretty good gauge of how serious they reckon your issue is. So you can take that as some sort of (boring, annoying) comfort.


Three TV’s. None of them on.


We’ve got a patient who’s been in the waiting room for four and half, but they’re not very representative…

Next is 3:52.
But they get to look at me, so it ain’t all bad.


What a man!
Saving the taxpayer heaps on emetics.


Ask and they’ll turn them on. Oldies love their tennis.


Words can hurt, you know.
I mean…not me, but I’ve been told.