What do we need/ how far off long term success are we?

After seeing Richmonds massive whole club on field and off field turn around culminating with a second flag in 2 years it’s been making me think what this club can do to get back to our once powerful self and not a constantly middle of the road but never good enough team. For my 18 years on this planet we have never been successful for a prolonged period of time. So I ask you bomber faithful, what changes do we need off field (coaching staff, board members, ceo, president etc) and on field (potential trades, delistings, draft). How far off success are we? My glaring issues is a lack of aggression from the players and ruthlessness from the club. Also the composure with the footy and ball movement as well as foward 50 scoring is worrying. My major concern is our lack of young key position players, apart from BZT and Draper we have no young tall fowards or defenders. Hurley and Hooker are on their last legs. Also notice how Richmond, Collingwood, hawthorn and Geelong seem to draft well and have an abundance of young talent from late picks? We can never seem to do that. Dodoro has got to go


We will never win a flag again. Just accept it and move on with your life.


We need:

Better leaders on and off field.

Better coaches.

Better skills.

I don’t hold much hope for any of that to get fixed anytime soon.


I am sure that we will be full of confidence that next season will be the season that turns our fortunes around.

Unfortunately, “next season” is always in the year ahead from where we are.


it’s a hard thing to answer.
history suggests miles off it.

but then you take into account this year,
not having our last 2 b n f 's playing.
playing bags and myers for so long
playing zclarke
constant injuries throughout the year
no real plan of attack other than run and gun or kick it long to the wing
and a few other things

yet they still made finals. tweek a couple of things from the get go, and not take so long to adapt to things that arent’ working next year, and who knows what can happen.

but again recent history isn’t on our side in relation to actually achieving that.


It can be next year or in 10 years, It can change so fast.

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People have been saying “it could be next year” for the last 18 years. That does not seem to be changing fast.

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Would be a big turnaround from 2019 so that would make it quick.

I get what you’re saying though

My hope/wish is that the club knows what it needs to do to get itself into a winning position.
If we have the wrong plan in place then it’s not going to happen.

And that it will do what is needed to support the plan.

Not lose very winnable games vs opposition below us on the ladder (St Kilda & Shitney this season just gone) is the difference between a top four team and a 5-8th place team and generally reflected in our ladder position before September action starts

In answer to the question…mmmmmmm…about 6 players this year (Hooker, Bellco, Zaka replacements plus three mid fielders, three the next (Hurley, Brown and Smack replacements) and three the year after (to cover what holes remain/look like opening up). Then another 2 years. Yes, it’s a five year plan that’s required.

FFs,… how many of these fkn things to say exactly the same things in over & over does one site need, . really?

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And I reckon we are at least 5 years off of success, unless rutten and Caracella can change the mindset of the club/playing group. If they can, it could turn around very fast


See what?


If the primary goal of the club is not “to win a premiership” then we won’t win one. Premierships are hard to win and only happen if the whole organisation is single-mindedly focused on that objective.


Unlikely to win a flag in any current supporter’s lifetime.
So maybe year 2100

Well how far did the Tigers look from success at the end of 2016? They finished 13th, got absolutely thrashed by Sydney final game of the season and rumblings of Hardwick getting the boot and a possible board takeover. It can turn quickly, but you need the right off-field personnel before success on field follows. Richmond sorted their house out, got in Neil Balme as football manager, brought in assistant coaches to help Hardwick out. Then, you have to have the buy in from the playing group. It’s no guarantee of success, but it gives you a chance, and from there you’ve got to be good enough to take it.

With a fresh, modern game style and an even run with injury we can make a decent run at it. We won 12 games with a heavily injury hit squad and a game style that doesn’t seem to stand up to the pressure of finals. We have the ability and talent to turn 12-10 into 15-7 with a better coaching setup and our best players healthy. Do they have the desire? That’s another question.


You’ll know we’ve turned the corner when this team starts belting bottom 8 teams.