What does Bomba mean to you..........let him know!

Mass outpuoring of emotion…! A great club man and Essendon stalwart. stepped into the breach when we needed him and worked man management magic…BUT…seems to have been continually outcoached on game day. As mentioned in a previous post a ‘players’ coach, not tough enough.

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Roh Roh Roger that.

He means alot to us, but if he leaves for another club then he'll be a former champion coaching someone else.


He got outcoached alot this year, maybe it was the cows on the paddock, maybe it was his message wasn't getting across.


I hope he stays on as a senior assistant again or whatever they want to call it, I just hope that if he goes to another club, it is as a head coach and not an assistant.

He always keeps us positive even when things look to have turned to manure.  Great leader of the club.

I've loved his post match review. I've been filthy after some games and his positive spin improves my mood 10 fold. He's quirky as fark but a deadset genius.

Same here and none was better than his post match press conference yesterday. It is 12 minutes long, twice as long as most others and contains more detail. He explains just how much the players have gone through and how much damage FASADA has done and will continue to, until such time as the judge throws it out. He also took time out to page homage to Sheedy. 


lt is a wonderful interview and worth a listen or few. He was the right man, in the right place, at the wrong time. Without him, we would not have made the finals. He is a master coach and he got the max out of the players given the circumstances. Kudos Bomber, respect. 

So is he on 360 tonight??

Love him, bleeds red and black, doesn’t appear to have too big an ego, all coaches have some. He doesn’t tolerate excuses and our boys need someone who will make them accountable for their performance. Speaks well and knows the game so well…if I had the choice I would choose Bomber over Hirdy

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thought it was

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Could be wrong though