What happens when you file a report

Just curious to know where it goes, who gets the message and how it's treated.


What is deemed to be reportable? Trolling or only offensive material?


We seem to only have 1 visible mod online these days and to be fair I think they are overworked.

When you make a report it shows up to all mods on our home screen. We then check the report, decide what if any action is taken, and then do what is deemed necessary. After taking action, we file the report away so that it can be accessed later if need be.


Anything you find unacceptable, offensive etc should be reported. It is not possible, no matter how much effort is made, for us to see absolutely everything, so reports from members can be very helpful. Realistically they are a handy tool to allow us to try and "get it right."

Does the person you report get notified? Or only when they get banned?

Depends on what the report is for really. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.


And very few posters get banned, most just have their account suspended for X amount of time.

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