What now?

Don’t you mean what’s next?


Purposefully innovative player relations

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Every single month we get more and more proof EFC is run by businessmen, not football men

And it is now stomping the dead corpse of an afl football club culture into the dirt, after shredding it for the last fifteen years

Every year we become more and more of a joke, it’s Larry David esque, and every year it just gets worse

Embarassment of an organisation

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Driving Unnecessarily Provocation.


There should be an apology for this thread title, for starters.


■■■■ off Campbell please, he is a ■■■■■■■ joke.


How hard is it to send an email saying

“Fellah, there is a meeting on Monday morning to discuss the new salary cap cuts handed down by the AFL”.


To be fair, the players haven’t earned close to 91% of their pay this year.

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Already being spoken about in the what’s wrong with the club thread nerds

Nhat Wow!

If I was running this club, I would have withheld 100% of their wages for the past 15 years!

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