What song am I thinking of?

I was in the car the other day and a song from teh 70s came on.

The chorus was big, I’d heard it often before. But this was the first time I’d paiud any attention to the first verse, which was all about how amazing the singer felt about the new (I assume) man in her life.

It was a disco era song, and one that I was sure was on the Priscilla soundtrack. Not the show, the movie.

I think it was sort of in the style of Donna Summer or The Pointer Sisters or artsist of that nature.

My guess is that it was released in the disco era, so between 1975 and 1981.

Please help!!

I will survive?


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Not in Priscilla, but?

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Knock on Wood?

Maybe sung by Joe Dolce?

Thanks for that.

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lose yourself by eminem?

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Sex - Robbie Rivera

Worst DJ King Thread ever…


Animal - W.A.S.P.


I know every disco song ever made.

Finally cece peniston

Or Scream until you like it?

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I read the thread title and thought Soulnet had seriously upped the difficulty on the music quizzes.



You’re welcome?

IT turns out to not be on the priscilla soundtrack. It just sounds like it belonged there. Thanks for the help so far.

I have started trawling through billboard charts from the 70s in the desperate hope of finding this song.

Thanks to all who’ve helped!