What song am I thinking of?


Think this was in the original Slapshot movie starring Paul Newman.

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I have figured it out. Actually, it was on the radio during the same 6 minute trip I’ve been making almost every night that I heard it on in the first place.

But not after I’d spend hours and hours for nearly a week going through billboard charts fropm 1976 until midway through 1979…

I could have kicked my self really. A song where I (everyone!!) knows the chorus, but not the verses… A song that sounds like the sort of thing that was in Priscilla… a Disco era song… That sounded kinda like the Pointer Sisters maybe…

If it was a snake it woulda bit me.

Thank you so much to everyone who played.

Special thanks to Koala, 'cause she’s always very deserving of special thanks.



Released 1982.


Heres where the Pointer Sisters peaked. It was down hill after this classic


Always have Shazam at the ready!