What song cant you get out of your head from this morning




Cheap Trick - “I Want You To Want Me”.
Could be far, far, far worse…


Thread title change.


Styx “Come sail away”
Damn Canadian classic rock fm radio…


Don’t know about this morning, but after reading this it’s.

“I can’t get you out of my head…”


Better be the Bang Gang mix

…I’ve got an idea for my next stint as DJ King now.


Youngblood - 5SOS

come at me. xoxo


I can make your hands clap by whoever



Well it’s pretty hard to not have it in your head if you listen to Fox/Nova all day. It plays no joke 8 times a work day.


I was ambivalent about 5SOS until I saw them do a radio station live cover of Blink 182’s Miss You on YouTube.

Can’t sing.
Can’t play.
Don’t waste my time.


Jon Martyyn - Big ■■■■!


Strewth - track four off One World! Boot must have cranked up the swear filter.


Crazy = Genius, P!atD.


When the going gets tough - Lionel Ritchie.

Every morning I’m stuck in the 80s




*Billy Ocean


I’m racist aren’t I


I’ve been on the internet long enough to be hardened by the sight of a lot of distasteful things.

This sentence caused me to physically cringe.


Admitting it is the first step to recovery


A la la la long…,