What Was The First Website You Can Remember

Was just thinking, when we first signed up to "Compuserve" $5 per hour dial up internet, I had to test it.  I saw a box of Special K on the table and typed in www.kelloggs.com.   About a minute and a half later our household had officially entered the WEB and the Frosty Flakes tiger was yelling something at me.



link please, cant find the tiger


edit. I think the first site I visited was probably optusnet or something followed quickly by some ■■■■ site and so began a lifelong addiction

What was the seach engine everyone used before Google?

I remember using www.webcrawler.com


Ah the memories........

Askjeeves.com was the earliest one I remember.

What was the seach engine everyone used before Google?

Wow, now you're testing me, It was probably AOL or something

Alta Vista.

Was way better than Yahoo, Lycos and the rest.

Lycos was ■■■■…as was Infoseek.

altavista then mirc.

Before the WWW there was Archie which was the first that I knew of to be implemented as a gui that allowed search and download of files over what was then the aarnet.


So that was the first I used, back in the '80s. Would have used that to access the MIT site where there was a readme file explaining the theory of the how the www could work. Then later they advised that Netscape was available and would make life much easier.


How right they were!

the afl website while I was in Scotland in 98 to findout north had thrown marshmallows at us in a final.


remember a very skinny looking 33 in longsleeves take 3 minutes to appear.

Hotmail.com to make this email thing everyone was talking about. Then i asked Jeeves about naked books. I was what 12.

What ever it was I used it to check out KISS.

Msn was my search engine.

i think msn as well. 


i just remember tuning chicks on ICQ. oh-oh


also, anyone else ever have the free internet with go connect? 


Bunch of Johnny-come-latelies.


Geocities also.

And I was with vtown, which I see iinet own now.

Not many other sites I wish to share.

I think it was the Beanie Kids website. Yep.