What would you do to make us great again? Ideas?

I remember the excitement of The Royal Box, Jimmy was back, he brought back Bomber and Notta Wellman, he brought in Simon Goodwin, Brendan McCartney, Matthew Egan he kept Skipworth (the great survivor).

These seemed like fantastic ideas at the time to make up for the lost Knights years, little did we know the consequences of the Hawks not letting Dimma bring his laptop with him at the time! So many twists and turns have brought us to this point, none have fully paid off yet since 1981 and Kevin Sheedy walked through the doors at Windy Hill.

Now we’ve brought in Woosha, brought back Harvey, kept Skipworth, developed the Corrigans and Dan Jordan. Heck, the Knights years are sounding exciting now in terms of support staff.

Who would you bring in? What radical ideas do you have?

Keep in mind that good ideas like Goodwin probably have lead to the loss of Hibberd, Melksham, Gavin Jennings, Matthew Egan (props to @Mr_Sunbury_1 for pointing this out), they can have Peter Jackson.

So be careful what our wish for …

Just to distinguish this from the Coaching review thread, we can include ideas like,

James Hird for EFC Chairman or CEO

Neil Balme for EFC General Manager of Football

Kevin Sheedy for EFC Chairman

The coach of the Tiwi Bombers to become an EFC Coaching appointment to rotate our developing coaches through and as part of our Next Generation Academy staffing.

Supplying IT technical presentation support for coaching applicants (too late for Dimma unfortunately).

Take back control of the EFC website.

Any takers for any of the above?

Build a wall to keep out Fairfax journalists.


Drop and delist players who don’t work both ways

Sell a shitt load of Red baseball caps with “Make Essendon Great Again” on them.




send a bunch of essendon jumpers down to punt rd and ask dimma if his side can run out in them for a few weeks?

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Sack Crow and Dodoro.

Move back to the MCG.


Get a team that kicks a higher score than the opposition around 17-20 times a season.


Swap supporter base with less whingy ones.



Nino for list manager


With your mentality of Goodwin taking Hibbo, Melksham etc

How about we poach someone from say Sydney. Let’s say Brett Kirk.

Imagine if Kirk then bought over Luke Parker and Oliver Florent.

And heck, why not, let’s get Jarrad McVeigh as a playing assistant for next year.

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exchange “good person” with “tough bastardo” within our recruitment key creiteria.


Now that’s the sort of lateral thinking that will send essendon to the top of the ladder in no time.

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Smith is a good foundation. What a fantastic leader. Dyson has really grown this year too. Fine examples . As our impressive younger players that have taken their chances this year.

We need Daniher to come back with more mongrel, less over egging pushouts, and less funny happy dufus. He needs to attack the ball harder and not be that guy holding his arms out in despair to the umpire.
Take a look at Josh Kennedy and play like that. Joe’s raw and amazing talent needs to become something that impacts on games

can’t believe “flash mob” hasn’t been mentioned yet…


Stop being supporters that accept mediocrity. We need to demand success.