What's gone wrong


uninspiring and stale team selection every week, rewarding sh-t players for sh-t form, while better players with better form rot in the vfl


Not sure, but it would be a good one.

I just know that the number of times I see missed tackles, I keep thinking why aren’t we employing a rugby coach to help.

So much wasted physical effort for no reward and it would make a big difference as we would hold up play a lot more instead of failing to lock the ball in to an area.


Interesting that Sheeds said he didn’t think we were a final 8 team this year. He said he felt that we lost a lot of experience last year in Jobe, Kelly, Stanton, Hocking, Howlett etc. there’s more than 1,000 games of experience & decades of pre seasons that walked out the door last year.

He said the recruitment of Stringer, Saad & Smith would pay dividends in the long run but not immediately, they’ve come from different systems and had only played a combined 250 games. He always felt this year would be about building cohesion and understanding how their new teammates played and would always be better in 2019.

Given the injury troubles of Colyer & Fantasia, a big part of our weaponry was taken away and the inability of Joe to play to the level of last year (obviously we know why) coupled with a few others battling injury (I’ve alluded to a couple of them recently) and you have a perfect storm. He did say that there were some players who had to lift their intensity and find their game but was confident it could turn around quickly but forecast better things in 2019.


What yes Minister???


Trying to remember the last time so many Essendon fans gave up on a season. 2016 excepted.


When did he say this?


onya sheddy


This should have been the message from the club from day 1. Not after round 7.


just having a red with the great man.


That’s what a good interaction with the members and fans is. Honest, realistic and gives hope for the future.

The club appears incapable of this kind of communication.


What would he know!


Langford if he is allowed to play as he creates


Stringer is no longer playing at stoppages because he has no effing idea how to play at a stoppage. If that’s what we got him for we have made another huge mistake. Pretty typical really. The dogs knew he was only a flash in the pan forward and nothing else


Inside mids not replaced.
Worstfold not thinking
Board blindsided in reappointing all coaches
Blitz expectation way beyond where it should have been.


I think Stringer is the least of our problems. He is at least trying to fit in and making an effort when he is not completely confused like everyone else.



so early?


No, I guess not.


How many times do we have to have that message about she’ll be right next year. This year lasted for 5 weeks and now we’ve got another 6 months of next year!


What happens if we beat the Blues and have a freak win against the Cats?

Man I love Bourbonblitz.