What's gone wrong


Pigs will fly



There will be so little to argue about we’ll have to stick the pig in the cannon.


It is unprecedented. Even in 2016 we expected to get thumped because of the AFL-led bastardry, but even then neither we nor the players ever gave up.

Unlike this year, when the players seemed to have led the way in giving up.

And finally, after getting whacked mercilessly for many years by the farking AFL, by all their subservient media, even by the government and its various departments that are supposed to uphold justice, and by the law courts who are also supposed to do so, finally and at last even we humble Blitzers are starting to get the message.

And are giving up.

On this corrupt competition.

Ran by and for the most corrupt organisation in the country.


IMO this is pertinent. If you can’t burst from a pack, you need to be able to stand up and have 2-3 opposition players hanging off you at every stoppage, but still be able to get the ball to a team mate. Jobe was a master at this. Hepp doesn’t have that strength. Langford doesn’t have the intensity. Laverde could possibly do it, has all the brute strength required, but not sure if he has the skillset to dispose of the ball.


But the interesting thing is the media are very positive even though we are ■■■■. Almost as though they have been told to lay off us. Perhaps because we are now a nice club with a nice coach and a nice CEO and a nice President.


Fanta, Daniher, Gleeson, colyer, injured. Tippa, Zack, out of form


Potentially STRING also


Police helicopter…


When did the great one say this? He does have some form for reinventing history…

That said there were a couple on here that said we would go backwards for the same reasons, that the package would take more than one pre season to get midfield fit etc.

I also noted on the Lunchtime Catchup Podcast that Cal Twomey was much less optamistic about our reserves players than blitz has been. Perhaps the reason we arnt playing the kids is because the kids just arnt up to it?


We lose the next four in a row…obviously.


I reckon in knights last season we were 5-5 after round 10 and finished with 7 wins for the year.

We’re going to be worse placed than that at round 10, yeah we’re giving up earlier


He would love our low scoring, but not the defensive qualities we display.


Ronke last night, young, 6 foot, quick, runs all day, no name, much like half of Richmonds team that won the flag last year. Kicked 7 but also laid 10 tackles… theyre the key stats to take note of… he’s fit and strong enough to get to the ball/player multiple times and contribute something meaningful when he’s there i. e. kick a goal, lay a tackle. Might be worth remembering that next time we bang on about why we’re no good when our team is full of All Australians… Key position AAs that pick up soft possessions and kick sideways, ain’t what win you premierships.


Maybe the AA selectors need to revisit their selection criteria.


Thats interesting.
this iant aimer at you, just what you’ve said.

The above sounds plausible and justified.
Until you look at it like this.
Pretty much we all think there will be change in the assistants over summer, as they are blamed for the bad gameplan cos the coach isnt good at that stuff.

So how does that cohesion build next year , if the assistants arent around to implement their game ?

New assistants will probably bring their own ideas which they want implemented , so does it take another year foe them to “get it” ?

And if they dont get it next year and the team perform just as badly, the coaches job will be under even more scrutiny, eo maybe he loses his job and the process starts again.

Players are then a year older , maybe they are on the decline. Most likely theres no goddard. Theres no yourh coming through cos they arent developing them properly or giving them a go, let alone a fair go.

So then we are pretty much stuck with the same list as we have now , baring injuries and the like, eithout the only and main guy who trys to set the players up like the coaches want, and gets grumpy when they dont.

Thats a big leap of faith to take , just to assume that this group only needs “time” to click.


AA selectors focus a lot on picking the best player for each position… positions don’t mean as much in the modern game… Having said that, last night was more open which was good to see


Last night I watched that amazing contest between the Hawks and the Swans. It could have been a Grand Final, such was the intensity. This was the modern game at its best - the one on ones fiercely contested, the run and spread, the defensive efforts from both teams to bring the ball to ground, the unrelenting pressure, no easy possessions and certainly no easy goals over the back. Highly skilled players moving the ball forward with deft touches and clever positioning and always providing an option for a teammate. Where does the EFC sit with all this? We seem to be playing a far less accountable game plan but the problem is, as soon as we lose possession, we get chopped up and easily scored against. We don’t seem to have midfielders and forwards that continually press up and protect us and provide an option when the ball is coming out of defence, so then we go sideways and allow our opposition to press back and easily cover our forwards.
Our coaches need to sit down and learn how Clarko and Longmire structure their teams. That’s how I want to see the Bombers play - accountable, creative, desperate footy. Where would Clarko be playing Langford and Laverde, who both seen to be stagnating in their development? We need a strong bodied 'beast’in the midfield to get the ball out to our fleet of outside runners - he’s currently tearing it up in the reserves! Give Clarke a go, Woosha. Can’t hurt. Lots of questions to be answered before years end and currently we’re playing bruise free footy.


Good post Bomber Tom.

I think a few of us where watching last night and just analysing exactly what the difference is between these rebuilding sides and us.

In the back half they try to play bruise free kick around just like us. Little kicks, inching movement forward sometimes.

The major difference I see is that they dont ■■■■ themselves and drop their bundle if they cant get through the zone.

They take the release kick to a pack or to players who are manned up. They do everything they can to swarm to that next contest and either grunt it out and win it, neutralise it or at worst let the opposition clear it but under extreme pressure.

What is wrong with us can be narrowed down to one sentence.


Know when a bloke has no option to get through the zone. Get numbers to the next contest and fight.

The kicker needs to pick a smart kick where we have numbers to fight and win, neutralise or pressure if we lose.

Dont waste energy sprinting 30 metres back and forth whilst they chip it around the backline.

Sprint to neutralise a contest and pressure them when they are releasing out of a pack when they have no time to pinpoint kick.

Use your energy fiercely but intelligently.

Someone pass this on to the coaches.


Rising stars from this year…

Not one under 6 foot or over 6 ’ 4… Who do we recruit? Saad, McGrath, Smith, Greene, Parish, Stewart… There’s a sweet spot for player size in today’s game that everyone but us seems to know about. Sure McGrath won RS last year but the game has changed a lot again this year.