What's gone wrong


Tackling is what has gone and straight up the middle.


I was re-watching last year’s Port game and we killed them by going straight through the middle. Why would you change that?


Not getting into semantics, but significant does not have to mean complete. The extent of what they changed… shrugs shoulders. No idea, but I gather from from how we are playing and what has been said, it’s more than a tweak. Importantly, it’s not working and/or the players cannot make it work.

This inability to provide 4 quarters of intensity is the concern. As well as the poor skill errors. Yep - those two things are sucking us up at the moment.


Why are you interested in who said what etc. They are all full of ■■■■ and no one associated with an AFL club can be believed.


Yeah, I guess my view on it is that 90% here are quick to blaming the coaching panel when there is no significant evidence that its them.

Merrett has pointed out that it’s on the players and I am hesitant to put it on the coaches when the players aren’t performing.

If the players were putting in each week and we were still losing then I would be looking at the coaches.

It’s really a perfect storm of ■■■■ at the moment and unfortunately it stinks of typical Essendon.

We will sack the coach and then start the cycle of ■■■■ all over again.


It’s hard to know the exact cause of why we are playing the way we are. The experts can identify what we are doing wrong and what is happening, but not why it is happening. Though those who have been in the system would have a good idea of the possible causes. And the mental side is a big factor in this.

So fingers are pointed at the coaching panel. And I think they have to carry a large amount of the responsibility. They are in charge of getting the players and game plan established. Right plan, wrong plan. Right teaching method, wrong teaching method. Good communication, bad communication. Competent assistant, incompetent assistant. It’s all of them.

But the players are also to blame. Missing easy shots at goal. Missing easy disposals, especially under little pressure. Bad decision making. That’s not about the dude in the coaching box. If you can’t kick a footy 20 metres to a teammate on the full, somewhere between head and knee height, then the player has a problem.

It can change. And I hope that we are at least playing well by the end of the season and finish on a positive and strong note so we go into the preseason with momentum and confidence. And we have assessed the list and giving those on the fringe of selection a proper chance to play and for a number of games. We need to know if we have a finals competitive best 22 or it is just a competitive best 14.

It has to be about getting ready for 2019 and 2020 and beyond.


I would go one step further D. They know EXACTLY where that contest is going to be as the mids+forwards have seen the situation and know they need to sprint to that point on the ground to enable that swarming. And I would add that there are probably designated players whose role it is to get to that point and designated players whose role it is to stay forward of where that contest will be. Two or three short kicks in the background to enable their teammates to get to that position, then a quick kick to it.

(sorry, but football IS a simple freaking game)


Yeah, I definitely don’t want to see tanking for the sake of getting a draft pick.

I don’t care if we miss the 8 by percentage I would prefer that to continuing to play bad football.

It’s time to find out who wants to play for Essendon.


Right now Essendon would be the last club you’d want to be drafted to.


I saw an interview with Woosha a few weeks ago and he said they had a new game plan in 2018.
So, which is it, they’re confused, we’re confused, who isn’t confused?


Let’s get one thing straight, we don’t have to tank.



I’m more concerned on how it effects free agency for us.

We obviously had started to win some recognition last year and that resulted in us being a destination club.

I suspect that has gone out the window.


The coaching panel will be blamed because they are the ones failing to motivate / instruct / coach (on the track + game day). Whatever their methods (?) it’s not working and the players are bereft of ALL CONFIDENCE (we hear from those in the industry that point to the coaching). This is a massive fail on the coaches part.

Yes, I understand the players should be showing more endeavour but when the collective lose faith / trust it’s pretty hard to fake it.

What’s the answer to Essendon’s woes? Who knows!? It’s painfully clear that drastic action is needed. Talented players are going backwards. They look confused / distressed at the hopelessness of their situation and the coaches are FAILING to effectively deal with the problem. Nothing has changed. Actually, it has … the team are a rabble and getting worse by the week. It’s not beyond the realms to suggest they will not win another game for the year


You could argue that the players have been motivated in the previous two years.

Something has changed this year.


IF it is something internal and hush, hush, and is showing up as external in the way the players are playing. Let’s say IF it is NOT the coaches then; it must be something to do with the players.

O.K. who’s pinched someone’s wife/girlfriend or husband/partner???


If that is indeed what they are squabbling about then it needs to be dealt with.

That aside I don’t think this is a good forum for personal discussions.


sometimes you see something so ■■■■■■ on blitz you need to ss it.


yeah hate to see people with there own opinions




1 less problem tonight.