What's gone wrong


Neeld = O tackles


The problem with singling out players and saying “drop x and bring in x” as a means to fix our problem is that we’ve done this. The list is literally endless when it comes to whipping boys who, if dropped, all our problems would be fixed!

The players, like Goddard, aren’t the problem but are a result of the problem. Drop them and the same thing will just happen with new players.

If anyone thinks Goddard can’t play football they have rocks in their head. He is absolutely elite and should be a Norm Smith Medalist. He’s obviously nowhere near that form and that’s the concern. It’s the same with Hurley, an AA CHB with lethal disposal who now couldn’t hit the most simple targets. Sure, we can drop them, but for a decade we have routinely tried this and the same thing happens with the next batch.

There is a problem that is causing this. There is a deep seeded problem within the culture of the club that is stunting player development, killing confidence, making guns second guess themselves. Just look at some of the guys who have left our club and gone on to have great careers - ffs Bachar was a whipping boy and now he’s a premiership player!

We keep making these knee jerk reactions of “we need xyz”, “we lack xyz”, but we have made a habit of rolling over whenever challenged. We have made a habit of destroying players. We have made a habit of having no strong leadership (half the fkn club left during the saga!) and we’ve made a habit of making excuses.

We’ve worked hard to set up a strong membership base and done nothing to build a strong football club.


If Devon Smith isn’t leading the b&f then something is seriously wrong with our club!


Yep…ran straight past Myers to chase and tackle


There’s an obvious reason why Joe has no tackles…he doesn’t actually know how to tackle correctly


Bj laying zero tackles, in the midfield, is a massive massive problem. If he’s not prepared to toe the line on the tough stuff he shouldn’t be in the side. Same goes for any other senior player.


■■■■■■■ yes!!!


Too busy pointing out the lack of tackles





I wonder how long it’s going to take people around here to realise any improvement that will happen when we see a lift in intensity, drive and effort from the the players

We may well have a suspect game plan

But it stands little chance of succeeding with some of the biggest pea hearted paycheck grabbers I’ve ever seen that run out in the jumper at the moment.

Seriously, the most insipid team I’ve seen in my time as an Essendon supporter

The top ups played with 100x more effort and heart than this group.

Performance clauses need to be put into Their contracts immediately.


No consequences for poor form, expecting players to work through their funk, is total mismanagement of available resources. It’s embarrassingly stupid, inept and stubborn to the detriment of team culture and morale. Visible statements for everone associated with the club need to be made through selection. It seems the coach is more preoccupied with the idea of self determination. His passive approach is destroying the fabric of the place.


he has a point, however it’s all a flow on effect, you can lay 0 tackles but if you’re always up your opponents clacker and they mess up their disposal cos they know you’re there, it’s the same thing pretty much.
conversely you can stand at 20 contests, lay 20 tackles, and not get out of a walk to cover a man defensively and the stats people will say well done.

lack of tackles also comes back to missing so many targets. people are out of position and simply can’t catch their opponents to lay a tackle.

the port game was an example of what i mean, despite the poor skill we were 4 or so goals up at 1/4 time and we had only laid 11 tackles.
but the pressure was up, and port looking back were ■■■■ and took us for granted.

Definately need to get better at it, not a question, but when you’re chasing tail all day, in this seasons case purely down to atrocious disposal, that stat like most will be misleading.


A typical ill-informed comment from the media this time being Wallace - The fact is EFC have won the tackle count 4 times, drew another time, lost by one to the Bulldogs and of cause were well beaten by the Hawks -


It’s not necessarily about liking or disliking, but more about a change or even a disruption to the chemistry of the group.

It should work itself out and a new balance will be found, but between the departures and arrivals post 2017, and the post Saga hangover; things are looking substantially different this year and we still have a lot of work to do to harness our new strengths, to fully reinvigorate some of our old ones, and to overcome our new weaknesses.


Wallace is making the point in reference to Essendon supposedly upping the ante in the week before the game and they come out firing no shots whatsoever. Insipid




Our tackling is awful. So many missed and broken tackles by opposition players. If you want to hang your hat on stats you will concoct whatever dream reality you want. Wallace is spot on. We talked the talk and did sweet fark all walking.

Your Team nailed it with his summation that the club is sick. We are not tough, we are not uncompromising, we are not a team that will win at all costs.

We play like a team earning a paycheck by and large. All I would do as a coach is have a farken 1% counter. Either do the basics right: chase, shepherd, tackle, make dead run leads to open up space, set up at contests in the right positions etc. of drop the bastards.

Why do we never get the cheap possessions on the wing? Bag Stants all you want, but he jsut ran and ran and made a huge difference to us getting so many release balls out of the backline. Aside from Smith, I see a bunch of lazy mids who only go when they feel like it.

Never agreed with Caracella being dropped in 2000 (around round 2 or 3 - memory isn’t great), but Sheedy sent a message on complacency. We are just complacent 100% of the time because I genuinely don’t believe the club really gives a fark about winning a flag as long as they are milking the members and getting their sponsor dollars.

The club looks rudderless. No leadership off field, in the coaches box or on field. Yes just perception, but in times of crisis true leaders step to the fore. See Hird/Bomber/Jobe during the saga. The club folded when they took those sanctions and the soft underbelly they allowed to develop as a result has.


We moved hooker back


An effective tackle is when you dispossess an opponent or stop the opponent from disposing of the ball - So when you go on poor tackling efforts or broken tackles then our opposition aren’t doing well - This is typical BB thought process, get brownie points by attacking the media , but then run with an argument from the media if it suits an agenda.


Da Faq? Who was 18th?