Whats the nicest sandwich you have made or had the pleasure of munging?


I am currently watching a documentary Foods That Cure Diseases. It is a rather long Doco. While I do recommend you watch some of the movie I would like to know what are some of my fellow blitzers favourite Sandwiches?
Do you know anyone that makes a Mean Sandwich?
What’s the worst Sandwich you ever had?
Thanks for everyone and anyone’s input.


What does that sandwich cure?




Not a sandwich person myself. If I buy out, I will inevitably buy a larger meal as a sandwich is poor value for money. In your op, that looks more of a burger rather than sandwich.


Yep that’s a burger not a sandwich.

Or more accurately, four burgers




Has to be in that order, otherwise goes all sloppy.


If we’re just talking about a sandwich at home - cant go past toasted ham and cheese. Can’t understand for the life of me why anyone thinks addition of tomato is a good idea.



That’s hard to go past. I do like a smear of seeded mustard too.


Favourite bought sandwiches are:

  • The Austin midnight sandwich at Mr. Scruff’s in Collingwood.
  • Rare roast beef sandwich at a cafe called Lt. Coln on the corner of Little Collins St and Bank Place in the city.

If I’m making a sandwich there’s nothing better than a ham, cheese and tomato jaffle. Also love curried egg with just a bit of diced tomato added to the mix!


My man. I grab one of those pretty regularly. Sensational


Philly steak sanga is hard to go past. Also, like braised beef brisket on bread - with or without toppings. Meat + bread = winner.


Also, munging?


Hot shaved salami, cheddar cheese and pizza sauce.




The Coffee Club did a mean Rueben Sandwich!

If making, I suggest looking up Fast Eddys (Better Homes and Gardens) take on this American classic.

Worst I had was when my mum made them as a kid. Would sit in the bag in a scorching hot Queensland day and go yuck. ■■■■■■ put tomato on the top layer which made it go soggy.


This too! The Coffee Club made a good one.

Never made it myself.


My most pleasurable sandwich was between Cindy and Mindy. There was plenty of munging happening.

I miss those two blow up dolls :weary:


chip sandwich


Crisps or fried?