Whats the nicest sandwich you have made or had the pleasure of munging?




Tummy Rumbles?




fresh pastadura bread

Provalone cheese
Hot italian salami
Sundried tomatoes
italian style roasted peppers

Then as my mum would say “Munga ce buone”


Bahn mi from a good place. N Lee in the city is awesome.


In American, it’s a sandwich though.
Because… well, just because.


My 8 year old likes ham and tomato sauce sandwiches


Pretty much anything between breads
Your choice of spreads!


With ham and mustard


Prosciutto, spinach leaves, bocconcini and black olive tapanade…


“And I call this creation - the WankSandwich”


Turkish Bread, Chicken Schnitzel, (smashed) Avocado, Jarlsberg cheese, tomato, capsicum, lettuce, garlic aioli, salt and pepper.

My homemade Schnitzel Sangas are pimp.


You toasting that bad boy?


Nah, but when the schnitzel is almost done cooking, I chuck the cheese on top to melt it just the right amount.


Very nice.

I’m still a bit skeptical about the cold Turkish bread though, but sounds ace


Turkish Bread in the oven for 5 minutes prior to sandwich construction.


hahaha…but it’s ■■■■■■■ fantastic - and if ‘wank sandwich’ is what you’d call something I’ve grown up with in my own country, so be it.


i’ve always found a sandwich to taste infinitely better when someone else makes it. what’s the go with that?


You’re a lazy fark?


Can’t beat a good Bahn mi