Whats the nicest sandwich you have made or had the pleasure of munging?


I know a few people you would please straight away with that 1. The go to


Theclubsanga made a good thread, who would have thought.


If I’m good I sometimes get a sausage sandwich


Diggers has one. fonz definitely had one.


I’ll grab one


Game meet near home. Might go to the local cafe and grab a Sanga for lunch. This thread is giving me ideas. Doubt they do a Rueben though


Best joints are the truck stops in the country.

When a young kid my dad made the trip from Newman to Perth in WA to send me to Boarding School. Regular stops at Meekathara, Tom Price etc…

Best greasy food in general.

@westozziebomber might be able to vouch if he has been rural in WA.


What’s a ‘florrie’?
Should i be asking?


You get chicken bbq pizza, dontcha?




Horsham delicacy.

Thin steak wrapped in cheese and ham, crumbed and fried on a grill.
Sometimes with garlic.


Was that the one filmed by the St kinlda school girl


Yep, was NY a few weeks back, we would order 1 meal between us, a couple of them were so big, even between us we couldn’t finish them.

One of my favourite sandwiches/rolls, crispy bacon, lettuce, tasty cheese, tomato, beetroot and homemade mayo.


I had a sneaky suspicion that it was yet another Aussie word for a poo.


Well your smarter than me - I was thinking it reminded me of durries!


Is that a ciggie?
Anyone know where it comes from?
(and don’t say the ciggie tree…)


Yes - no idea where it comes from though.


Dates back to pre federation Oz, … but especially during WW1

Brand of tobacco commonly used was called “Bill Durham”

Quickly became shortened to Durrie, as is the Aussie way.


Ah, ta mate!
I seem to remember Durham tobacco.


Had a grouse sandwich in San Fran last year.

Pickles, pulled beef, mustard, glorious melting cheese etc.

Can’t for the life of me remember the name of the sanga shop but it was incredible.