When Footy Was Footy - You Tube Snippets

This just popped up on my youtube feed and I paused for a millisecond wondering who was the bigger figjam.

Anyway, lots of old gems on youtube and a reminder of how great the game once was.


It’s like Hitler and Stalin punching on.

Or Trump and his son

Storm in a teacup, Newman milked the report like he has milked a TV career, should have reported him for acting. Popped straight up after the report and slotted it through. Trainers walked away. Wanker of the highest order.

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Thought I’d remember this one - 10 years!

Not sure I’d define thuggery and acting as real footy, I prefer this sort of thing.


Caracella was well-protected by Wallis - Players stood tall with Wallis in the team.

Caracella sprinted from the centre square with his eyes to the sky and couldn’t have known what was coming. One of the best marks of all time.

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Anyone got browns mark for the lions. Similar to Caras.

My friend today on facebook when walking her dog ran across Sam Newman, very chatty apparently