When Melbournians Go APE

We love a bit of back n forth with Victorians but events like this prove you’re not too bad after all.

And without doubt, Icey would have been the one of the first ‘Special Constable’ recruits.


I’m sure Noonan will remember this as the time everyone got upset about slipping on onions.


Slipping on onions is worth rioting for. So is being offered a sausage on stale bread.

“Larrikins pulled a tram from its tracks and tried to set it on fire.”

Clearly onion related

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Can’t believe these larrikins were resourceful enough to tip a tram off its rails but couldn’t manage to set it on fire.


It’s “Melburnians”.


I find it interesting how in 1923 the Sun was able to set the agenda. Rather than support the police workers who appear to have been well shafted, they were running with the government line even then…

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Don’t tell me how to describe you people.

The Sun is now the Herald Sun?

Yes, was the morning paper and the Herald was the afternoon paper (broadsheet) in the 80s. (Don’t know about the 20s though!). They went to the one paper a day and it took on the characteristics of the Sun

I suppose from the newspaper’s point of view, the police would eventually come to heel and it would be a pragmatic decision to support the government. The government isn’t going away after all.

I thought Perth was only 30 years behind, not 90.

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You would have volunteered as a Special Constable.

That last line about the Botanic Gardens Massacre is a fair hook for the next episode …

It’s funny how little it takes for Australians to break into rioting. If the cops went on strike this afternoon, riots would start before evening. No doubt about it.

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We will go ape as you can’t even spell or our demonym properly.

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You can call yourselves what ever you like but to the rest of us, you’re crazy Melbournians.

Come here and say it then.

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