When The Musics Over - FESTIVAL HALL to be no more (maybe)


I’ve seen plenty of great shows there, that would have been better somewhere else. It’s a dump




Just quietly l was front row for both Little Feat and Procol Harum. Somewhere l have a pirate cassette of the PH show. Just where that might be these days l don’t rightly know. l was front row for Wishbone Ash as well.

The building as a venue for music was a bit of a joke. It needs to go.


I know he couldn’t. I remember that half of the first half seemed to be him trying to tune it.

PPM were great. I saw them there 3 times and they put on a fantastic show each time. And I fell in love with Mary when I saw her one day in Little Collins Street.

Actually that’s not true. I was in love with her long before that.


Haha Thats Good!