Where is the training thread?

Where is the post Thrashing training session? Did they “bring mouth guards” to training?

7 news just showed the players arriving today. Shiel and McGrath looked happy.

Must not be a mouth guard day


Im expecting some training session injuries in this week (not soft tissue please). But some bruises

A few guys in white tracksuits sat around sipped on some chai lattes, then went to a yoga class and got vulnerable with each other. Footballing optional, oh and they got some great content for social media


Rutten should have flogged them today but I’m not sure he did

Talked about learnings.

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Hopefully it was at 4:30am in Port Phillip Bay

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If I was coach I would haven’t said anything after the game would have looked at each player with a death stare and then say “see you at the club 5:30am Monday morning” and then walk out and slam the door

Make them stew on the loss all week end


Nino you don’t seem like the kind of guy who would be anywhere at 5:30 in the morning


Wouldn’t phase me a lot of my jobs I’ve had over the years I was up at that time anyway haha


Playing Pokemon in his game room

For some reason this image seems quite funny to me. Even if Rutten did it.


If you wanted them to stew on it, why not say 9am? It’s an extra 3.5 hours of stewing, and players then have to factor in the annoyance of peak hour traffic to get to the ground. Really send a message.


If I was Truck, I would have said to some of the players to not bother coming in to the club tomorrow. But knowing the IQ of some the players they would be like


Or in a position to be in charge of anyone else.

Pfthahah Rutten doesn’t have it in him plays nice guy

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Training should consist of match review and reading scathering media reports.

As long as they don’t read Blitz. Don’t want to shatter their confidence entirely…

I know this is a joke, but it would probably be a good idea given so many of our problems appear to be mental. It’s certainly not talent.

Plus the Essendon VFL Twitter feed could use some content.



Yep, if I was coach, I’d make them all stay the night in the outer eastern suburbs, and then have to get to Tullamarine for a 9am start.

They can use their time on Alexandra Parade to think about their performance.