Where's the "Where's the team?" Thread?

Surely we should be asking this question by now?

How will it be announced? Is there some agreement that Fox/Seven/print media get first dibs at giving the teams each round this year?


Wasn’t this a ban-able offense not to long ago?

get the new blitz kicking.


Only if it was a pictorial thread iirc

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It’s round one. It’s Thursday. The team comes out today. We are all excited. GET EXCITED.

I’m continually refreshing EFC site to see when the team comes out.


Lol don’t get my wrong I’m not advocating gillsy gets banned or anything.

I just remember people daring others to start one up, after a decree from mods that you would get banned. There was much mirth/humor in both the threads and the banning.

Good times.

Edit:- Oh I am pumped, but the team won’t be out till about 6:30 tonight after all contractual obligations, so I’ll get real fidgety then. Unless of course we have any inside whispers on here, what happened to all those posters with good intel?

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Lucky - you were top of my list for a sec there.



In: scarves
out: towels

Only a few hours of off-season shtposting left!

I wanted a towel, got a scarf. Of got plenty of too short scarfs already. :sob:

Are we still governed by Google? Can we post the hot chicks again please?

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Seems fine?


Thank you. Genuine giggle from me.


I am not sure the answer to the original question about the whereabouts of the team, but I do know that it is pretty great to be finally sitting in this thread.


Pretty sure they are released at 6:20pm, Ch7 had the rights to announce them first last year, during their 6pm news bulletin.

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Franga’s pretty useless unless he’s in…


holy crap I just went through my post history and found the “Here’s THE TEAM” thread for the game vs Crows, July last year.

Have a look at the side, then shed a tear with me when you realise how far we’ve come:

Team vs Crows, July 31, 2016
IN: J.Polkinghorne, C.Bird, S.Michael

OUT: J.Kelly (Rested), S.McKernan (illness), M.Brown (Groin)

B: M Dea, M Hartley, A McDonald-Tipungwuti

HB: M.Gleeson, S.Michael, A Francis

C: Z Merrett, D.Zaharakis, W Hams

HF: A.Cooney. P.Ambrose, O Fantasia

F: J Laverde, J.Daniher, D.Parish

Foll: M.Leuenberger, C.Bird, B Goddard

IC: C.Dempsey, K.Langford, C.McKenna, J.Polkinghorne

EMERG: J.Merrett, M.Redman, S. Grimley

Roll on Saturday night, Hawks don’t even realise the freight train is coming right at them!!!