Which dress should Stacca wear to The Crichton?




Help me!

You'll need to put them on.

They look exactly the same on.

Then take them off!

They’re on coat hangers!

Difficult to judge with them being displayed on coat hangers.

Nonetheless, I voted Pink.

Whilst the purple one looks more on the sexy side, with some cleavage showing potential, the Pink appears to have a more favourable shape across the hips.

I’m guessing the purple dress makes you look a little frumpy (not a knock on you, more the dress) ?

For me, the pink one, em.  


It catches the eye without being in your face and like bltn says, more favourable shape.


Can't really say more without seeing them on you.





yep - this one. much prettier. 

Thanks peeps. I didn’t have anyone here to take photos of me and I’m no good at full length selfies.

The purple looks better up the top, because it’s made very well. The pink is more fitted overall. They both have their strong points which makes it hard!

Go the pink, from the pic I have seen of you I reckon this would flatter your colouring more. Def want to see pics of you on the big night :), enjoy yourself!


It’s not my wedding. I can’t change outfits halfway through!

Not with that attitude! Toliet swap half way through.

Which one cones off the quickest? Gets my vote!

Not with that attitude! Toliet swap half way through.

Yeah but in those dunnies you'd have to be careful not to get coke all over your outfit.
I like the pink Stacca, was that the purple one you tried on when we went to Emporium? Definitely a nice one too.

That’s the one. I got it altered so it’s a bit shorter. It was a bit nana length before.

Vince, I will need more help getting my shoes off. I now know why the shop assistant was helping me with them. Fiddly fkrs.

Pink one has my vote, Em.


I just picked up my suit from the dry cleaners today!

Pink one is very pretty.

First thought was the pink one. I don't know what your hair colour is though.