Who do you want at EFC for 2019?

Daniel McAlister
James Davies

No Caracella

Poll is dead.

I can’t believe everyone didn’t select that option.

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What if we take three of them and the team takes 8 rounds to “gel”?


As long as we take the learnings from the gel-ing process, and begin playing the footy we want to play post Rd.8.
Everything will be sweet !


If I had to pick 1 for next year alone & without considering the price it would definitely be Beams - he is exactly what we need right now.


Have him take the kick-ins. He can kick to himself and go coast to coast.

Spot on with your post - Beams is equally capable inside and outside - He ticks all the boxes.

I hope to the heavens above the footage of that bloke is found one day. Still one of the most baffling things I’ve ever heard

10 Darren Bewick

A fit Daniher and Orazio would be great.

Shiel & Dahlhouse.

Gaff and Setterfield. One inside one outside.

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If I had to pick one, it would be Shiel.

A goal kicking coach.


First Round Draft - Ruckman
Get Shiel and Setterfield/Gaff combination.

Gaff costs nothing so…
Shiel and/or Setterfield will cost us a swapping of our First Round with GWS and a possible 2nd or future round 1.

  • Caracella (senior assistant coach)
  • Gaff (free agent)
  • Jye Caldwell (pick 8)
  • Will Setterfield (GWS 2nd rounder)
  • Mitch Podhajski, Mason Fletcher, Jack Bytel (later picks)
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The Premiership Cup.


Football credibility, i.e. win some ■■■■■■ finals games

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Yes, even though we have plenty of backs we need a big angry carnt

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