Who is the worst premiership side of the modern era?


Nup Bulldogs won it from 7th (?) then missed the finals the following two years.

They had a very very good month of football.


No doubt.
I’m saying they were better on the day than either of those teams.
Maybe I’m missing the premise.



Yeah i might agree with you on that. Bulldogs played amazing that finals series. I just don’t rate them as it was one month of football.


Sydney also collapsed pretty bad, IMO. Dogs played an amazing 10-15 midway through the third, got a few BS whistles their way, and the Swans just decided they weren’t up for it.


Only month that matters once you’ve been good enough to get a shot though …


Dogs benefited massively from that bye week.


Even massively from the umpiring

Richmond still the worst team to win a flag now that Collingwood lost


This thread is pathetic.

All of you who are bagging various teams, remember this.

They won. We didn’t.


The team that finished the next H&A season on top of the ladder with minimal list changes is the worst premiership side ever?
Right . . .


Unfortunately, not us.


Agree with the 1st part. Couldn’t happen to a nicer spoonfed, made for TV, colaruption club but still the umpiring was terrible. Richmond 2017 were a better team than the dogs & I rate them above the Eagles this year.


And crucial AFL-directed support from the maggots.

Edit: I see I am late to this party, but it shows the consensus that they were not so very very good, but very very lucky the AFL wanted to break a 50+ year Premiership drought for a struggling club.

Or maybe even that the AFL wanted to repay a very very compliant President for helping them to stitch up some other club they had in their very very corrupt sights.


I think its also fair to say the AFL had a little bit of a falling out with their eldest loveshild Sydney after they stole Buddy from GWS. I hate Sydney possibly more than any other club (where the corruption started) but the AFL banning them from trading was just staggeringly petulant & outright cheating.


Yes. Also, remember they brought in a special rule that banned Sydney from trading with us. Whacked two Clubs at the same time.




I think we can all agree Carlton in 1995 was the worst premiership side of the modern era