Who should be my new favourite player?

With the official announcement of Connor leaving I’ve come to the realisation I’m cursed. Since Hirdy left, every one of my favourite players have been cursed through injury, either brain or body.

Ryder - abandoned us.
Myers - missing a finger and about 400 games of footy due to injury.
Daniel Rich - we didn’t even draft him.
Joe - more interested in Kings cross madi gras than kicking bags at Tulla.
Connor - Irish and leaving.
Fantasia - Italian and leaving.
Francis - ginger and leaving.
Mozzie - too soon to talk about.

I’m lost who to fanboi over next so I’ve left it to Blitz to pitch their favourites or be strategic and pick who I should curse next.

I’m starting to grow fond of Langford, Ridley, Ham and Draper but not sure who I should commit to and why.

So who is your favourite player and why should others love them?

A member of the next draft
Barry Grinter stoic in defence & # 18 (Vander Llllloyd) & Bazza


I’m a big fan of stoicism and was hoping we would take Seneca at pick 5 but if you think this bloke is the next big thing I’ll consider it.


He’s your favourite player and you couldn’t spell his name right?


Sorry, Rider*

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Ridley, can kick beautifully, has poise and is now marking very well. Having a breakout season and there’s solid improvement. I love a good backman and he’s only just getting started. A bit more muscle on those broad shoulders and he’ll be a beast.

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Luka Doncic

Pls pick Zaharakis


Patrick Cripps would be the logical choice


my favourite this year like you has been Ridley, Mcgrath, Draper and Langford.

miss my excitement machine mckenna, and dissapointing injury for mozzie.

but don’t cook them go for someone who is dependable week in week out Saad, he won’t let you down, may break thecurse.

Tom Cutler’s pretty good

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Drapes is the new cult hero. So don’t fark him up for everyone else.


I hear Richmond has some players you might be interested in.

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Harry farkn Jones
Git on!

Nat Fyfe.

Richie Cole or Ty Zantuck for me!!!

Carl Reimers

Our next first round draft pick

Kyle’s brother? Cool