Who SHOULD coach Essendon in 2015?

John Fahey will have a go. 


Vlad's brother.

Get around him.


It is only non Essendon supporters who think like you. You seem to have missed the whole point and just listened to the media outlets that had agendas.



Winner. Dodga as 2IC




Reckon Morello would be better.

Reckon Morello would be better.

Get Big Boo in there as coach.

That fat guy who was in the HACT

Alan Mullally.


Robmur - and you know this about Bomber T.  not wanting to be at Essendon because off James Hird?  How?  Evidence, where is the evidence and your source?


You are going to be very disappointed I'm afraid.   Firstly because Bomber does not want the Head Coaches Job at Essendon or any where else.  He wants to stay at Essendon but at this stage, no one knows in what capacity.  Also a coaching salary cap applies to all clubs as of 2015. 


So it depends.

Show us your TAINT

Alan Mullally.

geriant jones

Scott Muller. Can't kick either...


He’ll only demand 75k+ super, c***s


robmur13:  I'm curious as to why the blame for the whole shebang continually falls on Hird's shoulders?  Hird despite what the media write did not run the entire club and still doesn't.  His immediate superior stood himself down and went to another high paying position with no ill effects.  David Evans got the sympathy vote and everyone, has been virtually silent on the members of the EFC board.  Interesting.  Only the Windy Hill Four openly wore the blame.  Doctor Bruce Reid spat the dummy and threaten to take the AFL to court and the case and the charges were dropped.  Paul Little seems to have jumped the fence and is supporting James Hird.  Bomber T says what happened to James Hird was grossly unfair.  If Bomber is your preferred or chosen coach, surely his opinion is worth noting.  Bomber took on the coaching position this year as a favour to his friend James Hird and the players.  He doesn't want to be Head Coach anywhere in 2015.


Even though a lot of unexposed little truths are slowly coming out about the AFL, cunning with-hold and sneaky unhanded tactics.  Many of the AFL's favourite media sources have been surprising quiet and uninterested in what could be another "award winning" story.  Strangely curious.  Then there's ASADA, goodness me, talk about governance issues and piggy backing joint investigations and cloak and dagger secrecy and turning a blind eye to the leaking of private and confidential documents which finally wound up in the newspapers.  Through all this, no one has been charged for breaches in the Federal Act for leaking information.  And; the man who won't speak to anyone, Stephen Dank, except in a proper court of law, though the legislation was changed "to make him testify" still hasn't.  Its all quite odd really!


More importantly than who coaches next year, is for the truth to come out about what actually happened.  Not the innuendo and assumptions fed to a bunch of frenzied, starving, wild dogs called the media, by the AFL.  Sadly the Truth has been a casualty in this whole saga and sadder still, mud sticks.  Even if Essendon continue the fight to clear the players and the club, the public and the media will still say, "they are drug cheats and guilty of cheating."   Stuck between a rock and a hard place. 


Right now, we're playing in an elimination final, that's where all our energy needs to be. Strut your stuff Bombers, show'em what we're made of.