Who stays, who goes?

We don’t need depth, we need to uncover talent.

If we have to take a step backwards and ditch all our depth then sign my up. Your just wasting half a dozen games on depth guys that take us know where.

Roll the dice and try to find some genuine talent. Raz, BZT, Draper, BZK and Guelfi were all taken late. Take a chance we might find something. Where’s as Smacks, Townsend and Hibberds won’t take us anywhere.


Hey Hap, I’d be curious who you would delist. Let’s assume the list size is going to be 40 plus rookie b’s. So I think that means Hird and 1 Irishman as rookie b’s, although if they’re cutting back I’d hope they’d change it to allow 2 Irish rookie b’s from now on… so let’s go with that. We’ll have 43 spots overall… how many picks do you want to have in the draft?

I get very confused with list sizes/spots/picks at the best of times, let alone with the changes coming up.

There’s 6 fairly obvious, IMHO, delistings. All far enough into their careers that they should offer something at AFL level, and don’t.

Then look at:
Bellchambers (another injury would move him into the first category)
(in roughly that order).

Err towards taking more picks, rather than fewer.

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Why would we continue to go down the experienced, mature depth path? Let’s assume Daniher, Stewart are the talls next year with Stringer as 3rd tall. Surely it’s better to go with Jones or Bryan as backup. Maybe even Crauford or Gown if they stay on the list. Or Hooker forward occasionally. There are plenty of options without wasting another spot on a retread

Harsh on Phillips but otherwise I agree.
I’m confused by your last sentence. Too many what?

can we trade draft picks for some good development coaches?

Thought I’d deleted it.

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I don’t think it’s harsh on Phillips at all.

He probably only gets a spot on the list becuase TBC is done. But he’ll get one more year and best case only play a couple of games to give Draper a rest. Worst case he could be a below average ruck if Draper gets injured.

He’s no good. But we need a mature guy for another year until Draper/Bryan are more ready. If there were other options id look around but the $ wouldn’t be worth it.


I agree he’s nothing special but ruck is the one spot where we need mature depth for at least 1 more year I reckon. Can’t rely on Bryan or Crauford to be the main backup.


We should keep Jake Long another year.


mckernan :sleepy:
mckenna (retire)

would not be fussed if any of them were not on the list next year


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I’d keep Phillips


He’s been pretty good in the games he’s played against better ruckmen. His second and third efforts after the contest, to get the ball out to advantage are pretty decent.

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We need better players than “tries hard”.

Hopefully it’s a moot point and Draper plays every game next year with Joe/Stewart the relief ruck.

We need a backup ruck though. Bryan won’t be ready to do that. Neither will Crauford if we keep him

Add Laverde to the bottom list.

Yeah I’d keep him for a year becuase we have no one else and we wouldn’t attract anyone decent to play back up for a year or two.

That doesn’t make Phillips good though. We just need a mature back up ruckman.

You’d be hard-pushed to find many ruckmen better than Phillips who cost little and are happy to be back-up.


yep, he’s the perfect back up imo. who are we gonna get instead. Brayden preuss or Tom Hickey? no thanks

This is the kind of thing Woolworths says when it asked its employees to reapply for their jobs at lower pay