Why aren't Essendons academy’s producing?


Just read a few of the last posts and they were very funny. Reminded me what off season is all about on BLITZ.

Cant wait for the footy to start!


Why aren’t the footy started?


Not enough Charlie Carp


wherefore doth not the academies of Essington produceth?


Take off every tippa


■■■■■■■ pedants!


But in which way do you use the word ‘■■■■■■■’ here?


Is it a gerund or a present participle? I think a gerund is a participle used as a noun. Dylan Shiel should be able to set us straight.


I thought you may have been using the simple verb form in a dramatic statement.


Really hope you guys can work this out. Everyone’s on tenterhooks awaiting the proper usage answer to this life altering conundrum.


Um I think you’ll find it’s ‘tender hooks’, irregardless of your nationality. I’m very weary of people who use esoteric terminology and people called Gerund.


I think you’ll find that you are wrong.


I think (hope) you’ll find he was taking the pizz,… ?


I live in hope that we will return to a time when a sarcastica font was not required, anywhere, ever.




Well, if people would just be more pacific there wouldn’t be any confusion.


Surely you could have said that more tenterly.


I think you’ll find samwoods is a bit insensitised to other peoples feels.


Maybe some grope therapy might help.


Its very affective for all intensive purposes.