Will Setterfield Don the sash?

I have some mail.

Setherfield will request a trade back home if he is not guaranteed game time next year.

Also GWS where happy to get rid of Smith. Said he’s a selfish player and him and stringer would not be a good combination to have.

Also GWS enquired about Langford as other clubs apparently have also, but where told by dodoro that the is required player that will replace Watson next year.

Francis is overrated.

Was also told gws think sos is a ■■■■. Happy for carlton to keep getting there b grade players. I asked about Kennedy and was told he is an average player.

Also said we will get stringer and saad. Blues really want saad also but will end up at dons.

That’s all the mail I have.


Agreed - Smith appears selfish in all the footage.

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Go home?
Weren’t these GWS Academy rules for NSW boys?

Yes…I know he lived in Melbourne and was drafted from Sandringham but shows what a joke their academy eligibility rules are.


Appreciate the info.

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I really want to get the Saad deal wrapped up by end of today. Eliminate any slim possibility Carlton may have to swoop on him as they are stuck on the Kennedy and Gibbs deals.

He also looks like he kicks goals.

Most will take that every day od the week.


Surely clearing out Kennedy and Smith fixes the setterfield game time problem.

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Thanks for the mail. Bit of a worry about Smith but anyway

■■■■ I hate when players say that. No one should ever demand more game time, you have to earn it


That was an already known thing, not something new. As his highlights show though, he is a team player when it is required. But if you can kick goals off either foot at any angle then if the available spot to kick to isn’t an easy mark then you take the shot.


Will Setterfield only has one AFL home, and that is the Bombers.

Alright… so he foolishly squandered his EFC upbringing and agreed to a contract extension with GWS. But just like the prodigal son, if he realises the foolishness of his choices, then we shall welcome him home to the club he loves.

Big body mid… that sound you hear is the final piece of the premiership puzzle getting locked into place.


So other teams also see that Langford can play.

I like, I like.


Thanks for the info, to be forewarned is to have four arms.

2015 GIANTS Standards Defensive Award: Devon Smith


Setterfield was from Albury originally and only moved to Melbourne to board at Caulfield Grammar.

Selfish player = dirty he leaving for more money/midfield oppprtunity

Albeit he does love a goal

Bring on Setterfield-fest 2018


Clubs express interest in Langford, surely you jest?
Mate, my ears would be wide open to offers.
What would his value be?
Kennedy straight swap for Langford works for me.
Just sayin

setterfield was always going to be a target in a few years. Zero concerns with Smith at the club though.


Yeah, but how many goal assists?


In 2015?

Then 11 and 9.

Just for comparison Tippa had 15 this season.
Not sure what any of that tells you.

YOu’re only ever called selfish if you take a shot and miss.
(Or ask to be traded out)