Wim Drinks Bourbon with Blitzers in Pubs

I’m off work and in town between the 6th and 21st of January.
I can think of no better use of this time than to record interviews with blitzers at their local and upload them to YouTube.

PM me if you’re interested and have an available date.

Or just say here. That works too.
You don’t have to drink bourbon (or even alcohol) but, you know, I will be.


This will go well.

Just an update on the old blitzing the blitzers.
The plus side is people might not be so mean once they get to know someone.


Depends on what you get to know about them.

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I guess that would be up to them!

Selfies or it didn’t happen

The last time I did this, two times I think…
Anyway, it was on msn.
I think we’ve moved on since then.

Assuming you’re not heading to Horsham when you say you’re heading to town?


Do you…not get how YouTube works?


Nah, sorry. Horsham blitzers miss out.
I’m not driving further than Geelong.

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Oh that bit was serious!

I thought you just wanted a drinking session.

Well, sure!
If it’s in Uber distance. Or walking distance to a train station.

So we couldn’t do it at the Dooen pub?

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I could send Boltsisgood to do that interview if you’re that keen.

Edit: Decent local, btw.

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Bit of an Anthony Bourdain vibe, tour the locale, taste the various parmas on offer.

So you are in then ! I would pay to see that interview! :slight_smile:


Pretty much.
Maybe get them to choose a song on the jukebox…

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Maybe I should have titled this…Tell Wim He’s a ■■■■ In Person.

Anyway, offer’s there.
Lots of people here would love to meet you.
I dunno…I could figure out how to load msn again if you’re shy.


I don’t know about a chat, but I’m more of a sit in awkward silence whilst pretending to read something important on my phone kinda guy.


When you are in Tassie @wimmera1, I am keen :smiley:

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