Wim Drinks Bourbon with Blitzers in Pubs


Well that’s me shot then.


@Diggers wanted to interview me over a beer & ramen in Tokyo next month. Tried to lock in a day/time with him, but he seems to have gotten cold feet. Obviously, his massive loss. :laughing:

Catch ya in Tokyo, Wim. :tumbler_glass:


Japanese tourism paying you, if not they should. Definitely an uptick of blitzers traveling to Japan recently.


I’m almost ready to list on AirBnB, PP2. Just need to disguise the nudist colony element. :wink:


Question 1:
John Worsford: Worst coach, or the mother-farking worst coach?

Nah all jokes aside it’s an interesting idea Wim and I hope it goes well.


I was thinking more a general ‘how, when, where…favourite moments thing’ but I wouldn’t stop people talking about Woosha if they wanted to.


This won’t end well.


It could just be Wim’s way of knocking off all of his least favourite Blitzers.


Gunna be awks when the important phoney phone business is wim calling you a ■■■■ on here, as he glares at you across the table.


I’ll be in Tokyo late March - early April. I’m obviously not Digs, or Wim, but I’d have a beer with ya :beers:


@wimmera1 1 keeping it real, I think it is great he is open to offer his time to meet fellow Essendon supporters and and have an interview with people in real time, and that we are open and honest people. Very transparent :wink:


Oh OK, if you were coming up Bendigo way, would have been happy to have a drink with you.


Yeah I reckon this could be a bit fun.


Cool, CB. I’m down with that. Depending on the date, we may even be able to catch a Bombers game during that beer.


He does that already!


Wim let me know if you’re ever in Singapore - I would be willing to sit down. I’ll even get you the first bourbon given they start at about $20.


I’ll come and have a bourbon if you find someone in Geelong. I like to watch. :open_mouth:


It’s actually how I’d picture you’d look @klawdy


I’m a little more creepy. :man_bald:


Timed it poorly for catching a game, unfortunately. Anyway, I’ll PM you