Wim Drinks Bourbon with Blitzers in Pubs


I’m probably the shortest drive, assuming you’re still in Mooza. Babysitting included?


Video also gives the interviewer two things to concentrate on. Three, including the bourbon.
Just recording is (technically) easier.


Last night, I farkin dreamed a dream we met up. I came over to get something from you - keeping in mind I have no idea what you look like or who you are lol. You were on your pc. Oh, and I had two t-shirts on for some reason. And there was a festival happening in the park across the street. And I had a gun in my waistband. That’s it. You had a long face, and black thick glasses on. A bit like the guy from that game…what’s its name again…glasses/orange post-apocalyptic cool/gas mask…whatever I’m still asleep.


Cool story, Hansel


i’d be interested to see if wimm spoke in real life like he types on blitz.

this internet chat site.
for real. i mean, really?
think about it.
of all the things to complain about…
■■■■ me. i’m out.

forgive me, it’s 7am and i’ve had 4 bourbons already.


I’d like to ask you…
maybe I shouldn’t
But I will - because it deserves to be asked
Sort of
But you knew that.


If I cover my ears & read, it looks exactly like him


Did he argue until you woke up?


this is good.


Yeah, I’d do it if I happened to be in Melbourne at the time.


I’m interested to see if Wim uses indecipherable acronyms in person too.


I really do want to see his ‘italics’ face.


Its just as pretty as my regular face.
Perhaps moreso.




Also check it out @Henry_s_Angry_Pills everyone is stealing our schtick


I can give you a free big mac at Collingwood Maccas on the 18th.


Confession: I tried a Big Mac when I was very young, didn’t fancy it, and have never had one since.

The amount of Big Macs I’ve had in my life would be about…0.18.


Quarter Pounder or Cheeseburger then.


I’ll take Q5.

Of course not.


How about a quarter horse with cheese?