Wim Drinks Bourbon with Blitzers in Pubs


I liked the BigMac the most of all their burgers. By a long way.


My favourite was the heart attack burger with the silly name… Hercules, maybe?

From memory it was basically a triple quarter pounder with cheese.


If you’re in Colorado…

(Or you may just have to wait until 2020 and not have to travel quite as far)


I’ve finally remembered - it’s been bugging me all day.


Mens Gallery ?


They looooove cameras in there


Ask me about nuggs




But avoid the topic of 2 metre Peter


What ever happend to him coming to us? That was all over Twitter


I must admit I’m curious as to what sort of Bourbon you’d be buying …???


Telling bare-faced lies doesn’t make it true…unless you’re Trump or ScoMo or any other LNP pollie.


I’d be game if you ever come to NQ. Fair warning though: I have a head for radio. I also tend to mumble a lot so I’d probably need my video subtitled.

Also, you’re buying the bourbons :wink:


That’s annoying.
I was just up there a few months ago.


Did you just say your ‘head’s a potato’??


It’s been called worse things…


What’s that you said?


Hi W1

As fortune has it, I will be in MEL around that time.

We could do Blitzing the Blitzers™ (the original and the best) while Drinking Bourbon with Blitzers.


I’d do one, but could we do it at the police station to avoid the hassle of having to be driven there after consuming too much bourbon?


I think it would be of more historical value if you were interviewed from one of your old “clubs”.