Wim Drinks Bourbon with Blitzers in Pubs


I like Wim, reckon he cops a raw deal around here. Gives as good as he gets, seems to cop it because he is more pessimistic than others.

Surely you need to interview Stander and windywindsock???


I genuinely miss grumpy Wim.
He was both a lot less, and a lot more, fun.


Great post, bg!


I do that anyway


You beat me by at least 0.18.


For the cost a taxi he could go anywhere.


You probably have the wrong thread.

If not the wrong forum.


So when is the first installment?


I was thinking the wrong internet.


And what bourbon are we talking?


FINALLY the important question is asked.

What is your recommendation? Given that Pappy van winkle is hard to get in AUS.


I have simple tastes Albert, so I tend to favour Woodford Reserve myself.


Yes, I agree about Woodford Reserve. ■■■■ Creek is another that can be obtained here.

[Still hurting that my bottle was confiscated as a “security threat” for travelling on a train to Shanghai. It was ok for going from Beijing to anywhere, but not from Zhengzhou to Shanghai - I don’t know how that works but @Aceman is probably fully informed. ]

Edit: bluddy swear filter censors “K nob”!


How he managed to even post a picture is beyond me.


Wim are you coming up for the Gold Coast game during the year?



Better be some seriously good ■■■■!



I hope so.


We could smash cans then…if you would like?


Wim interviewing clubsanga. I’d almost pay money to see that. Do it!