Winders has a thread

quoting is easy if you try


I thought he mysteriously went off early yesterday. 1 month out.

Ah…the pre-season that just keeps giving and giving

Wonderful start to the preseason.


Seriously, is this the end for Winderlich? Every single year it seems he has a hamstring injury, and multiple ones at that.

How lovely

I feel for the bloke.

Essendon limping towards the start of the 2014 season.

Feel for him and so frustrating for player, club and fans. We have missed out on the services of a truly top player.


He is a gun player and will be missed. Grrr.


If there is any silver lining its that this is happening now and not in the middle of the season.


Don't rush him back.

Poor ■■■■■■■. See you in a month or so Winders.

So far this preseason


Browne - season

TBell - 6 weeks (wont be back before round 4)

Hibbo - Hammy 3 weeks

Winderlich - Hammy 4 years

Myers - modified group, hasn't played a match yet (may play this week in VFL scratch match)

Dempsey - modified group, yet to play a match

Melksham - modified group. Yet to play a match and missing first 2 weeks anyway through suspension



Thankfully nobody cares about the preseason

has anything gone right in the past month other than JD and zmerrett

has anything gone right in the past month other than JD and zmerrett

JD kick many goal. Almost.

FFS. Poor bloke.


It's just such a shame that injuries have robbed the team of a brilliant player.


Maybe we should just save him for big games or something. 

Melksham can't even play a pre-season game because he's suspended, unless I'm mistaken.


Melksham can't even play a preseason game because he's suspended.

Yes he can, he just can't play in the season proper.

oh ffs

oh happy day

This really hasn't been the best preseason, even if Winders doing a hammy isn't exactly rare.