Winter Olympics - trying to not die


A menace to boring.


Aww, shucks.


Why do Melbourne supporters get their own Olympics?


The crazy thing about Shaun White is he also has a X Games vert gold medal in skateboarding next to his name as well as being considered a GOAT snowboarder


He’s pretty handy in the back country too. There is a doco called First Descent where he goes big mountain riding with Travis Rice. He couldn’t keep up in the really big stuff (not many can go with t.rice there)but watching those two hit massive kickers in the middle of nowhere was pretty cool.


A menace to proper snow sports people.


Have there been any funny stacks yet? That’s all anyone’s really after.


crash galore during the womens’ slopestyle.


Unless landing on your back and sliding down the mountain is a new high-scoring trick. In which case, well done ladies.


not far away = wait an hour for repetition 500 of the aussie that won’t come first…


Except for foxtel getting sport


My memory was that Camplin did a knee 2 months out from the 06 games and had a tendon from a cadaver put in on her way to bronze.


That moguls guy was about 3 levels above anyone else. Unbelievably good.


We got a silver. Matt Graham in the Moguls.


The Alpine Downhill’ers are risking their lives in these conditions. Too windy.


Chumpy Pullin.


Scotty James qualified in 2nd place for the final of the Men’s half pipe


How good was the quality of competition? Just when you thought one bloke had smashed it, another guy did even better.


His run was sensational, and then Shaun White comes out and goes BANG


Was expecting to see more of the slopestyle competitors in the half-pipe but I think only one bloke was competing in both. Seems to be a fair bit of cross over between the two events.